Hasnain Pardesi – a man with big dreams


Asif Ali Syed

KARACHI: The key to success is hard work, dedication, and passion. The businessman has the passion to do something new and takes risks to grow their business. HMR (Haji Muhammad Rafique) has become a signature brand in the waterfront construction industry. It was just his commitment never to give up and his struggle that was truly inspiring. His work shows enthusiasm and spirit. He adopted the profession in which he had a perfect zeal. The intense passion helped him to turn his dream into reality.
Hasnain Pardesi, Chief Executive Officer of HMR Group, is the son of renowned industrialist and Chairman of HMR Group, Haji Rafiq Pardesi. Muhammad Hasnain Pardesi got a degree in Business Management from the University of Derby, the United Kingdom in 2010. Then he joined his family business in Dubai to oversee the construction and real estate division. Hasnain Pardesi then moved to Tanzania, Africa to look after the textile business as Director of Operations and Production. With his vision and market foresight, he made his Group grow in the African market. Hasnain Pardesi is also a Member of the Board of Directors of HMR Developers (Pvt) Ltd.
HMR is a name, a shining brand, veterans in the builder industry, revered for his determination, innovation, commitment, and honesty. Founder Chairman of the HMR group ventured into this business way back in 1982 with a 100-year-old family business. When HMR works, that means your dream works. Haji Muhammad Rafiq Pardesi is an illustrious name in the field of builders and developers. He is a simple, humble businessperson and philanthropist, always ready to help needy persons.
Despite being the chairman of the group, he has a long list of business projects and social activities. Over time, he expanded his skills and embraced new challenges, and today his business has spread across the world.
We had the pleasure of interviewing Hasnain Pardesi, you may find it interesting, informative, and thought-provoking…

Q. Tell us about your project HMR Waterfront. Is it true that the project is going to create a history in Karachi with its unique style of construction?

Hasnain Pardesi: That is absolutely right. We’re trying to introduce a myriad of things that is the demand of the present time. We still lack the facilities in our country that are available in the projects of Dubai, London, the USA, and Europe. This is why we decided to provide modern facilities in our projects to fulfill the dreams of the residents. They would now enjoy the fresh air with a modern lifestyle. We are going to establish a colony along the coast and the kind of facilities we are supposed to provide, I think, it will be a great work in the history of the construction business and people will love it.

Q. How many towers this mega project have and tell us about the facilities you are offering?

Hasnain Pardesi: We have designed a very comprehensive and outstanding plan that will prove to be the trendsetter and it will change the skyline of Karachi. DHA Phase 8 is a state-of-the-art real estate development on a 33-acre beachfront land in which the business district is brilliantly and skillfully linked to a special housing project. The project has 19 high-rise towers including 14 modern residential towers to enjoy soothing and peaceful family life with all modern amenities like the shopping mall, mosques, walking area, and car parking, while the waterfront business district includes five high-rise towers, having HiFi offices laced with ultra-modern high-tech facilities to cater to the needs of the business. There are restaurants, coffee shops, helipads, and a large number of high-speed elevators. We continuously try to make things better and better, so that people can live a peaceful and comfortable life there.

Q. Are you sure, this project proves to be an important milestone in the development of the real estate industry in Pakistan, especially in Karachi?

Hasnain Pardesi: There are so many Pakistanis in Dubai, the USA, Europe, and all over the world for whom there is no place in the city according to their status and demands where they can live in peace. This is the reason why people in Pakistan move to other countries with their children. However, our projects will attract people and motivate them to invest in it instead of investing in other countries and they will prefer to live. It will boost the real estate business and people from Faisalabad, Lahore, and Islamabad will come here because they love the sea.

Q. What is the contribution of bank loans towards achieving such a top position in the business world?

Hasnain Pardesi: There is no doubt that the majority of businesspeople run their business with the support of heavy loads. They start a business with loans and then for further expansion of business, they take loans again. It works out well until the business runs smoothly, but as soon as the business suffers a loss or the businessperson faces the law and order and unfavorable conditions, he gets into trouble. Industrial units have to be sold to repay bank loans or face lawsuits for non-payment. However, thank God we expanded our business without taking a loan from banks, so according to my personal experience, I would suggest others do business but do it on their own basis, without taking an interest-bearing loan. By the grace of Allah, the business will prosper.

Q. Unemployment has become a serious issue in the country, how can this problem be resolved?

Hasnain Pardesi: There is no shortage of manpower in our country. Our Pakistani brothers go to countries all over the world to prove their abilities, so why do they fail to deliver in the country. In fact, Pakistan needs industrialization. A network of new industries will have to be spread over the country. Europe and other countries of the world are keenly interested in setting up industries in Pakistan. Nevertheless, we need to get rid of our corrupt system and provide the best facilities to foreign investors so that unemployment can be eradicated from the country. During a meeting with the Consul General of Japan, I asked him not to give aid to Pakistan, but to set up industries in our country to create vast employment opportunities. Countries from Afghanistan to Central Asia and Europe can be the best market for us. We can create a huge demand for our products by exporting them to the international market. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, repeatedly says to make the country prosper but his ministers are reluctant to work in this line. In Dubai, the system is very good. No institution comes in the way of investors and businesspersons, while in Pakistan; so-called experts of every sector impose their policies, creating hurdles for traders to work. When a businessperson is taken to behind bars because of just an allegation, he later becomes part of this same corrupt system.

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