Hats off with a humble hint

No ingenuity, no innovation, no inventiveness, despite positive intent, can ever succeed unless and until such folks as kids, children or youth, the future architects of a nation, are centrally focused upon and embedded as sole or main beneficiaries of such positively intentioned creative master plan.
Whatever the government and whichever the party, rising over and above self and upholding positive thinking mean complimenting practical doers for their ideas, insights and initiatives as a cherished yet distant proposition.
While Pakistan Citizens’ Portal needs to be acknowledged as a positive, practical and pertinent endeavour in addressing and redressing the grievances of the common man without bureaucratic snags, let us examine the other side of the story with an open-hearted, broad-minded and far-sighted approach.
When “justice delayed is justice denied practice” has been mostly so rampant and where justice may even be denied altogether, Pakistan Citizens’ Portal envisions and attempts to welcome public complaints in order to resolve them through a user-friendly app in a just manner without hiccups and delays. This is incredible yet incomprehensible amid impulsive psychology and die-hard habits.
It is to be borne in mind in the midst of heroics of full-time critics and naysayers; the premium is being placed on the wrong job with blind critics ripping individuals and institutions apart overshadowing the role of practical doers. There is nothing wrong with criticism if we do not make a hero out of a critic as sincere and constructive criticism helps to improve and reform society.
However, the real challenge before Pakistan Citizens’ Portal is to gauge tendencies in children growing as wayward critics, heavily dependent on peers and private tutors, complaining without being accustomed to and acclimatized with guidance and training in self-confidence and self- help and becoming mere complainants and sheer critics for those at Pakistan Citizens’ Portal to negotiate.
From youth generally seeking help without making any effort and blaming others for failures to mostly the less-privileged looking for alms or charity without being guided in self-help and trend-setters customarily in quest of financial aid, backfiring, criticizing and complaining leading to crippling dependence posing potential challenges from habitual critics and complainants to our social reformers at Pakistan Citizens’ Portal to envision, address and redress.
It has to be borne in mind and practically endeavored by men at the helm of affairs, men of letters and man in the street alike that it is very easy to criticize and very difficult to create; very easy by habitual critics to rip apart individuals and institutions but very difficult to restore sanity and foster creativity to address issues. The earlier the better.

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