MANSEHRA: The Department of Pakistan Studies at Hazara University, Mansehra, organized a seminar focused on climate change and global warming. The seminar aimed to raise awareness among students about the challenges Pakistan may face in the future due to these issues, says a Press release.
Mohammad Hamza, a BS student from the Department of Pakistan Studies, delivered the seminar. Students and faculty from various departments attended the event.
During the seminar, Hamza detailed the specific challenges Pakistan faces related to global warming and climate change. He emphasized the necessity for Pakistan to take these issues seriously and to develop a robust and effective mechanism to address them. He also discussed potential measures and strategies that could be implemented to mitigate these challenges in the near future.
The Department of Pakistan Studies consistently promotes and appreciates students’ efforts and provides them with opportunities to engage in such activities. This encouragement aims to foster awareness and enthusiasm among students regarding the country’s development and the challenges it faces. The goal is not only to raise awareness among students but also to enable them to educate their fellows about tackling these issues effectively.
Adnan Yousaf, a faculty member from the department, also addressed the seminar, appreciating the students’ participation and encouraging them to play a more active role in the future. He reiterated the department’s commitment to supporting students and providing them with opportunities to engage in meaningful activities.
The head of the Department of Pakistan Studies, Ayesha Alam, praised the students for organizing the seminar, particularly on such critical issues facing Pakistan. She highlighted the importance of using social, print, and electronic media to raise awareness about these challenges.
Alam emphasized that addressing these issues is crucial for the future generations and the survival of Pakistan. She urged the development of policies similar to those of China and other developed nations to combat these threats effectively. She also mentioned Pakistan’s experience with floods as an example of the urgent need for a strong and effective mechanism to deal with such challenges.
In conclusion, Alam commended the students for their efforts and encouraged them to continue their proactive engagement in addressing important national issues.