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Hazara University hosts Pakistan-China Friendship Exhibition

MANSEHRA: Under the auspices of the Department of Pakistan Studies at Hazara University, Mansehra, a Pakistan-China Friendship Exhibition was held Thursday. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba Shah, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and attended by Zhu, a Chinese student from the Archaeology Department and the special Chinese guest of honor. Heads of various departments and Dr Amir from Abbottabad University also visited and highly appreciated the efforts of the students, says a Press release.
Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba Shah praised the efforts of the Head Department of Pakistan Studies Ayesha Alam active role in fostering relations with China. He emphasized the importance of understanding and learning through such activities China is Pakistan’s closest neighbor and enhancing relations with China is essential.
Zhu appreciated the efforts of the Pakistan Studies Department. The head of the department, Ayesha Alam, welcomed all the guests and highlighted the exhibition’s objectives, emphasizing the close strategic and geopolitical relationship between China and Pakistan. She noted that this friendship, established over 73 years ago, has now evolved into a people-to-people connection, with China supporting Pakistan in various domains.
The exhibition aimed to strengthen and solidify bilateral relations between Pakistan and China, marking 73 years of friendship. A team from Media and Communication Studies also joined. Students’ skill in creating models that showcased China’s development and cultural heritage. Models included representations of the Chinese dragon, the Yellow Crane Tower, and various symbols of Chinese architecture and heritage, highlighting how China preserves its legacy.
Students also made a Chinese flag by hand to signify China’s importance to Pakistan and created a map highlighting China’s 23 provinces and five autonomous regions, emphasizing China’s geopolitical significance. The economic corridor project, CPEC, was also depicted to illustrate its role in strengthening China-Pakistan friendship and its regional impact.
Models of the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet, a symbol of strong Pakistan-China ties, and K2 mountain were also displayed. Students highlighted how Pakistan, with China’s cooperation, has fortified its defense and command systems, making it a responsible nuclear power in the region. The concept of caravanserai from the Silk Road era was also illustrated, showing its connection to the modern Silk Road that now connects China globally.
The primary objective of the exhibition by the Department of Pakistan Studies was to promote the bilateral relations between the two countries.

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