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Hegemonic Indian designs in the region

India under Prime Minister Modi’s rule is following the policy of expansion and intervention. From all across its borders, India is engaged in small or medium skirmishes with its neighbors. Consequently, leading to insecurity, destabilization, and escalation in South Asia. Further, India’s defense expenditure grew by 6.8 percent to USD 71.1 billion in 2019. India’s tension and rivalry with China and Pakistan are main drivers of its increase in military expenditure. Overall, its ranking stands at third among the top military expenditures in the world.
Recently, standoff between India and China border force at Ladakh’s Galvan valley is an addition to the already soaring condition of the region. Previously, both countries took each other in Ladakh in 1962 conflict. However, both sides blamed each other for territorial expansion, and aggressive moves. It cost the death of twenty Indian soldiers and occupation of the valley by China. Though, Prime Minister Modi, unequivocally said that Indian borders were not breached by anyone nor any Indian post was captured. He also insisted that India is well strengthened and powerful to retaliate if someone breaches its security. He further added that loss of 20 soldiers lives would not go in vain, these valiant soldiers got martyrdom while protecting mother India.
Later, Chinese authorities said that it was India that at first moved inside the line of actual control (LAC), and we just pushed them back and retaliated. Indeed, deadlock can trigger a situation like 1962, if India continues with its aggressive approach, of gaining regional supremacy and dominancy. But, there is no sign of an all out war between the two because both countries are having nuclear power and militarily strong enough to protect their interests in the region. However, if such infiltration and intervention remains between both countries, there will remain a looming threat of severe conflict between the two. Further, that surely will lead to uncertainty and unpredictable security conditions in the region as well.
Furthermore, the recent India and Nepal border clash is another rising conflict in south Asia. The two countries share a border of 1,880 kms. Nepal has revised its map which India claims is a move to occupy territory in Uttrakhand state of India. Both sides have closed the border, and experienced a small clash on the border leading to few casualties from both sides. However, Nepal is bringing changes to its constitution and map which shows deviation from coming under Indian’s dominance and following policy of aloofness from India. So, this is another hot-bed where India now claims territorial expansion, but equally confronted with Nepal.
Undoubtedly, Modi’s government is highly influenced by Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh (RSS) ideology of Akhund Bharat (United India). It also inclines to fascist ideology, which detest other races, religions, and communities and consider itself pure and supreme to rule the world. Similarly, India under the Modi government is moving towards that trajectory. Resultantly, India has been following unrestricted policy of conflict around its border having a dream of regional dominance and supremacy. As a result, insecurity and precariousness looms over the region.
Accordingly, there are a lot of apprehensions regarding the new wave of violence and volatility in Kashmir and along the Indo-Pak border. India is bashed by China and Nepal. So, it can unlock insecurity along western border, to cover its failure in recent days against China. As, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi expressed his reservations that India can attack Pakistan amid defeat from China at Ladakh, in order to save her face. But, we are ready to respond in the same quantum as the foreign minister said in a press talk a few days back.
Previously, India had changed the status of Kashmir by revocation of article 370 and 35A of its constitution. It stripped the tag of special status to Kashmir that is a disputed region between India and Pakistan. By cancelling the above articles, India wanted to bring this part of the world under its administrative control, leaving the people of Kashmir unheard and unnoticed to the international community. However, Pakistan condemned this Indian belligerent move, and appealed to the international community to take notice of India’s expansionist design in the region.
In Kashmir, India by using its military force suppressed people, and imprisoned them from the last six months. They are denied to avail medical, food, and other facilities of life which are necessary to be relevant in this global world. Hundreds of people died, after revocation of special status of Kashmir. Still, there is no end to Indian atrocities and barbarism over Kashmiris.
Additionally, military encounters and standoff at the line of control (LoC) accelerate after every passing day. However, India has never stopped aggression toward Pakistan, especially under the Modi regime. Time and again, hostile and belligerent remarks expressed by Indian authorities, causing a tug of war between the two countries, fomenting uncertainty and unreliability in war clouds.
Though, India blames Pakistan of harboring terrorists on its soil, and perceives a giant threat to security of the region. India relates Kashmir’s resentment against its atrocities to Pakistan. Moreover, it also attributes destabilization in Afghanistan to Pakistan. It also claims failure of the United States in Afghanistan to Pakistan proxy role and assistance to hardliners.
Yet, India intercedes in internal affairs of Pakistan frequently. The case in point, Kulbhushan Jadhav – Indian spy, captured in Balochistan, claims to work for Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), to foment separatist movement and training separatist against the state of Pakistan. In addition, India’s hegemonic design echoes from its expedition against Pakistan when Pakistan air force brought down to Indian aircraft MiG-21, and also captured its pilot – Abhinandan. But, for the sake of peace in the region, Pakistan handed over the captured pilot to avert any kind of war between two nuclear powers in future.
All in all, India and Pakistan as well as China need to cooperate among one another against defeating COVID-19. This is not a time to engage on military fronts along the borders. But an opportunity to protect the lives of people of the region, by establishing a joint health commission as well as rendering assistance in men and material to one another. More importantly, India must revisit its policy of aggression toward its neighbors as well as minorities which is influenced by RSS and its goons. This may help to give a chance to peace in the region.

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