High blood pressure can be as high as 58pc in country: Zarnaz Wahid

KARACHI: Professor Zarnaz Wahid, Pro Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences, has said that the rate of high blood pressure in Pakistan is very high. In some areas, the disease is found up to 58% while the rate of blood pressure control is only 3%. Because there is no walking friendly environment in Pakistan. Even in the most expensive areas, there is no focus on building jogging tracks, says a Press release.
She said there is no space for walking or cycling. If the annual expenditure on heart disease treatment and medicines is spend on making the sidewalks walking friendly and good jogging tracks in small parks, there won’t be any need for treatment of heart diseases.
She said this while addressing a seminar on World Hypertension Day at the Department of Cardiology, Civil Hospital Organized by Dow University of Health Sciences, as a special guest. A symbolic walk was also held in this regard. Medical Superintendent of Civil Hospital Dr. Akram Sultan, former MS Dr. Noor Mohammad Soomro, Prof. Nawaz Lashari, Dr. Tariq Farman, Prof. Abdul Rasheed while Prof. Ishaq’s video message was also delivered in the seminar. Prof. Zarnaz Wahid said that if Crores of rupees that we spend on Heart diseases hospitals are spent on lifestyle changes, these huge expenses will be eliminated. If dietary habits are kept balanced from childhood, then heart diseases can be prevented from growing up.
Professor Noor Muhammad Soomro said that new angiography machine is being brought in the cardiology department of Civil Hospital. The Sindh government has sanctioned Rs. 1100 million for buying new machines. Old Instruments and machines will be made reusable Angiography ward in the Department of Cardiology will be made state of the art.
Medical Superintendent Dr. Prof. Akram Sultan said that he started his career with an internship in the Cardiology Department of the Civil Hospital in 1990. Now he wants to make the Cardiology Department in line with modern techniques and create facilities for heart patients.
Head of Cardiology Civil Hospital Prof. Nawaz Lashari said that soon the cardiology ward of Civil Hospital will be transformed into an institute. General Secretary Pakistan Hypertension League Prof. Abdul Rashid said that World Hypertension Day theme of this year is that Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer. If blood pressure rises by 2mm then understand that you are heading towards 4% death. Blood pressure is called a silent killer because it has no symptoms.
In Pakistan 70% of people are unaware of their disease, which is why they suffer from heart attack, stroke and kidney disease which last till death.
Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Tariq Farman said that even in the posh area of Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan, where people spend a lot of money for residence, there is no friendly environment for walking, jogging and cycling. Staying healthy is not our priority Wealth is our priority while we can buy medicine from money but not health. We as a nation have to change this mentality.
At the end of the ceremony, Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Zarnaz Wahid presented honorary shields to all the guests.

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