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Highs and lows of IK’s politics

Politics is very dirty business in Pakistan, here a person with good reputation can face uncalled for criticism and character assassination for no rhyme and reason and bad man can be presented as saint. Politics in Pakistan revolves around self-interest and personal gains, if it is guaranteed and protected everything is fine and if it is not meeting the parameters of self-interest everything is bad
IK entered in politics at a time when he enjoyed status of hero in the world. He had fame, health, wealth, respect, honor, dignity, cricket icon, Chivalrous, passion, committed to personal growth that his life is about serving others not serving himself, no greed for money, attentive listener, well dressed, well spoken, possessed self-control and open minded, and unlimited lovers all over the world, and winner of world cricket cup for Pakistan. Little realizing politics is not bed of roses specially in Pakistan where might is right law prevailed. He chooses a very difficult mission to enter in to politics only to challenge the status quo little realizing it has well dug in roots and would require time to make proper holes. He spent 27 years to get in to the power corridors and his desire to become Prime Minister became a reality in 2018. It is beyond any doubt that his success was due to love of people for him and partially establishment’s help as deposed by former army chief. Since he had no experience of governance so power brokers used him freely which he himself has admitted. He had no choice except to keep repeating that government and establishment is at the same page whereas he was actually a hostage in the hands of coalition partners and establishment. While entering in to deal with coalition partners to form government he should have kept in mind their past history they belonged to different parties (Pakistanis call them Lotas) who had joined PTI to gain benefits now all stand evaporated leaving PTI. By doing this no harm will come to PTI as this shall further add to their vote bank. Any leader irrespective of any party if he cannot foresee coming events and fails to read the mind of government and the establishment is a disaster for himself and party. His greatest drawback has been not to listen to any suggestion and advice seriously. He always spoke extempore, as a PM one has to be very careful and must speak from written text duly prepared by experts from different fields. Each word is recorded uttered anywhere in his office, official or private residence and foreign tours. His ouster was result of his confrontation with the establishment. He forgot that those who hire has the authority and power to fire. His fall was orchestrated, his rise was ordained. His greatest achievement has been creating awareness in masses about corruption and give them courage to speak without any fear and demand their rights. This singular achievement shall keep him alive for rest of his life be in politics or out of politics
Let us now discuss his wrong doings, the list is fairly long but we shall only highlight most significant wrongs.
a. Appointing Usman Buzdar as CM Punjab (Punjab virtually means Pakistan) who was not at all fit for that job when he had many other senior experienced candidates with excellent administrative skills.
b. PTI government had very thin majority and needed crutches of the establishment therefore should have been extra careful and cautious with them
c. When former DG ISI now COAS briefed him about alleged family corruption as reported in the media instead thanking him and taking corrective action and appropriate measures he ordered his transfer. That was the start of his down fall and from that day his countdown began
d. Giving extension to Gen Bajwa
e. Formation of core committee mostly of yes man
f. Think tank failed to comprehend dangers looming over the head
g. While deliberating on national issues good suggestions and advises were ignored
h. Failed to appoint good team on country’s key appointments and gave no importance to it
i. Selective accountability
j. His removal from power meant that he cannot return to power immediately.
k. He should have known that he shall face plethora of cases including corruption charges as per practice in vogue.
l. PDM would never hold elections before completion of assembly term of five years failed to evolve proper strategy and plan to move forward.
m. Tendering resignations from NA was biggest mistake and there was no justification at all, later on begging for re- entry
n. Dissolution of Punjab and KPK assemblies was another big wrong doing. CM Ch Parvez Illahi literally begged him not to dissolve the assemblies but he gave no heed to his advice that resulted in putting nail in his own coffin. With PTI government in Punjab PDM was restricted to Islamabad, now IK is restricted to Zaman Park.
o. Media policy was totally flop. Fawad Choudhry was bad choice had no media background his mishandling of media resulted in media turning against PTI
p. Governor Punjab was pro PML N but no effort was made to control him.
q. Founding members were ignored like Hamid Khan.
r. Side lining Tareen and Aleem the costly asset of PTI
s. Legal team was no good and was borrowed one. Attorney General was from PPP, Law Minister was from MQM who was pro establishment
t. Ignoring Sindh by passing Chief Minister and giving preference to Governor was another very bad decision as a result PM activities remained restricted to Governor House
u. Governor Sind was not competent enough to hold the office
v. Baluchistan government BAP members were not happy due to their inaccessibility to PM, he thought being in power corridor he need not worry about others not with standing in spite of all these wrong doings or failings give any name IK graph of popularity kept increasing each day and has now entered in every nook and corner of the country and that is what is troubling PDM. He introduced many reforms for the betterment of common man and build image of Pakistan internationally but these were overshadowed due to poor management and un necessary confrontation with the government and establishment. Briefly rights done by him are as under.
a. Built 3 cancer hospitals.
b. Built NUML University
c. Built Al- Qadir University( now facing serious NAB reference)
d. Crackdown on money laundering
e. Full support to accountability drive
f. Crackdown on Electricity and Gas theft
g. Amnesty to construction industry
h. Promotion of tourism
i. Trade deficit reduction by 14%
j. Special development budget for FATA
k. Road to Makkah. Facilitating immigration to Haji pilgrims from Pakistan airports
l. Balance of Payment: Default threat averted
m. Successfully defending Pakistan against Indian aggression
n. Full and timely crop payments to farmers
o. Developed Panah Gah for homeless
p. Initiated Kamyab Jawan Program
q. Started Health Card
r. Ehsaas Program giving social safety nets to poorest segments of the society
s. Initiated Naya Housing Project
t. Dams progressed in actuality
u. Billion Tree Project
v. Strategized the COVID Management and applauded by WHO
w. Stood Firm on Islamophobia
x. Delivered historic speech in United Nations
y. Negotiated Rikodek Penalty
z. Lion voiced on Blasphemy
aa. Release of country men in jailed in KSA
bb.Fought the diplomatic war on all fronts and succeeded in developing a very strong global position of Pakistan
bb.Initiated and wanted to have Single National Curriculum
bb. Was the first to bring the topic of Hurmat-e Rasul (SAW) in the OIC with sharp clarity and focus
cc.Teaching Quran and Seerat in schools as compulsory subject
dd.Pakistan Post was revamped
ee. Reduction in PIA losses
ff.Pakistan Railway started lowering its losses
gg.GDP was 6%
hh.Exports record high
ii.Foreign remittances were record high
jj.Tax collection record high
kk.Large scale Industry being set up
ll.Local Manufacturing of cell phones started
mm.Minimum expenses on foreign travel
nn.Limited foreign visits to save FE
Pakistan does not lack in potentials, it fails to have good leader and a system that can build the nation. All leaders got plenty of chance, support and freedom to perform but failed to create a system where ordinary citizen could get quick justice. Bribery was never an issue, thana culture no change, corruption galore. People are hostage in the hands of different Mafia’s operating in the country. We all have reached a stage where we are destroying ourselves. Time to sink our differences the only road to success and prosperity. Need for a grand dialogue and timely election is the only solution of the present crisis. We continue repeating old practice of successive governments to institute cases against opposition, ultimately they all have proved counterproductive. Let us all pray Allah Almighty to guide our leadership to take steps to bring peace in the country and forget their differences and have pity on us and forgive us from all the sins PS. What happened on 9 May is sad chapter of the history and is strongly condemned, it will be covered separately.

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