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HPSAA organizes series of talks ‘VoH’ inviting people from different walks of life

Imran Zakir

KARACHI: The “Voice of Habibians” (“VoH”) is a series of talks organized by Habib Public School Alumni Association (“HPSAA”) in which the alumni of Habib Public School from different walks of life are invited to share their knowledge, experience, wisdom and much more to enlighten the audience.
In its specialized series of VoH HPSAA also organizes “Voice of Habibian – Habibian Dialogue” which provides a platform for professionals and businessmen with a view of promoting an atmosphere of sharing best practices, ideas, experiences and success stories across various market segments and industry verticals in an effort to promote best practice and solution-oriented culture and also shed light on burning issues.
“Voice of Habibian – HabibianDialogue” is structured in a manner to provide the audience comprising of an array of corporate leaders and senior business executives an opportunity to hear the speakers and engage with them in an interactive session of questions and answers enabling them to share their own knowledge and experience as well so as to create an environment for adding to the awareness in the society.
After a very successful 1st Session of “VoH- HabibianDialogue” the 2nd Session is scheduled to be held on Saturday, August 5th, 2023 at Marriott Hotel, Karachi
The topic of the 2nd Session is of “VoH- HabibianDialogue” is:”Opportunities & Challenges in Changing Geopolitical & Economical Landscape
Muhammad Arif Habib (Founder Arif Habib Group) Mohammad Sohail (CEO Topline Securities) were the speakers.
The event also provides a platform for networking and opportunity to show-case brands and services to develop business contacts.

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