Hub Dam fills to capacity & water spill causes heavy flooding nearby

Hub Dam

Hub: Torrential Rainfall in Hub has caused an extraordinary amount of water spill out from the Dam. Due to severe flooding, an emergency has been imposed in the vicinity. Power restoration efforts in the area remain suspended due to the extenuating circumstances, says a Press release.
Power supply to the area was affected early morning on July 26 due to damage sustained by a 132kV transmission tower. KE teams are present in the area and are awaiting clearance to initiate rehabilitation work. However, the emergency and rescue operations have indicated that water levels which currently stand at 3 to 4 meters high, are expected to recede in two to three days subject to weather conditions, following which KE will be able to begin restoration efforts.
A KE Spokesperson said, “Our teams are on ground and in active contact with the local authorities including the Rangers, FWO, local administration and the disaster management officials. This issue is a force majeure event. As soon as KE receives clearance, the restoration work of affected tower will commence. As per authorities the flow in Hub canal may subside in two to three days after which full restoration of the fallen tower may take approximately an additional 2 days.”
Meanwhile, as the city braced itself during another spell of torrential rains throughout the last 2 days, KE confirmed that the utility’s infrastructure was not involved in any of the 08 electrocution cases reported on 24th, 25th, and 26th July 2022.
All of these unfortunate incidents were reported from either within private or commercial premises or in the public domain, which involved reasons beyond KE’s infrastructure.
While expressing grief and extending sympathies with the affected families on these incidents, KE spokesperson reiterated the dire need to take precautionary measures especially in storm conditions, which are crucial to minimizing the probability of such unfortunate incidents in Karachi.
On Sunday, July 24, KE received reports of 03 electrocution cases across the city, including one inside a house in Lyari area in which 35-year-old Shah Hussain, was reportedly shocked by leaking current in a pedestal fan inside his home. Another incident involving 18-year-old Abdul Rahman was reported in Liaquatabad, where electrocution occurred while operating a water motor inside the home during the rains. In Surjani, 22-year-old Waqar also received a fatal shock while working on electrical wiring inside his home as per initial information.
On Monday, July 25, reports of an additional 03 additional cases involving electrocution were received. One was reported near Hassan Square in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, where a citizen identified as Anzar was shocked while plugging a phone charger with wet hands into a faulty socket inside a makeshift puncture repair shop. Another involved 60-year-old Salamat Masih who was electrocuted by coming into contact with a streetlight pole with damaged insulation near the Tannery Road area of Lyari. In Bihar Colony, a 35-year-old man and 10-year-old child of the same family also unfortunately died due to electrocution within their home.
On Tuesday, July 26, KE received 02 reports of an alleged electrocution in Qaim Khani Colony in Baldia and Vita Chowrangi in Korangi Industrial Area. Upon investigation of the first incident, no evidence of leakage in current or any broken wire was found. Furthermore, the available electricity meter had also been previously disconnected. 35-year-old Arshad had evidence of head trauma, which was attributed as the cause of death. At Vita Chowrangi, initial investigations revealed that 23-year-old Usman passed away outside of a shop in the area, but there was no KE infrastructure located in the immediate vicinity nor were any broken wires or live current detected in the area.
Per Spokesperson KE, “We are deeply saddened by the unfortunate incidents that have taken place across Karachi and urge our valued customers to continue taking all possible safety precautions within and beyond the monsoon season. In case anyone notices an anomaly in KE’s infrastructure, they may report emergency complaints on priority using our call center 118 which is operational 24/7. We are committed to providing safe and uninterrupted power to Karachi.”