Huge potential in nation amid lack of leadership’s direction, vision: Bishop

Chaos and political instability blurs the shining future of every country;
Drastic steps needed to shape the future. Bishop Sadiq Daniel tells TFD

TFD Report

KARACHI: Bishop Sadiq Daniel has expressed grave concern over the current political instability in the country. He said that the country is not able to take the path of development due to continuous political crises.
Bishop says that the process of building the future has been halted due to political turmoil. No one knows what will happen in the future. The process of development in the country has come to a standstill and the future has been blurred.
The people of Pakistan are currently in a state of great confusion and are unable to use their best potential, even though the Pakistani nation has introduced its great potential to the world.
If the situation continues like this then the country will get into danger zone. The present political system of our country is also largely responsible for this loss which needs immediate improvements.
Unfortunately, the leaders of our country have no vision and no direction for the future that is why Pakistan is constantly lagging behind the developed world. The time has come for us to address our shortcomings and move this great country forward together. Bishop tells.
The Pakistani nation is one of the smart nations of the world in which God has created amazing abilities but the government is not utilizing this incredible capital.
Pakistan is constantly burdened with debts while we can pay off all debts by digging only two of our mountains – then why delay?
Pakistan is currently in a tense situation and severe drastic steps are needed to be taken to deal with.
The Pakistani print & electronic media also needs to create awareness among the people so that the culture of container language can be eradicated from the country.
Some of our rulers are making a mockery of the country on the world stages. They should change themselves. They have to think about the country and the nation by sacrificing their personal ego and interests. I constantly prays with my prayer team for the restoration, stability, prosperity and development of my country. Bishop Sadiq Daniel told the TFD.