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Huge protest at KW&SC seeks an end to fake recruitment and violations of employee rights

Staff Reporter

KARACHI: In a powerful display of unity, a protest was organized by the Muttahida Workers Front CBA at the Civic Center Head Office in Karachi, targeting the ongoing issue of fake recruitment and the infringement of employee rights within the Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation.
Prominent figures, including United Labor Federation MQM Pakistan President Arshad Ansari, Member Ibrahim, and Furqan, actively participated in the protest, voicing their support for the cause.
Arshad Ansari passionately addressed the protestors, highlighting the MQM Pakistan’s unwavering commitment in fighting for the rights of the corporation’s employees and advocating against deceptive hiring practices that negatively impact the youth of Karachi city.
Irshad Khan, the in-charge and chairman of Muttahida Workers Front CBA, asserted the rightful claim of ad-hoc employees to have priority within the organization, citing an order from the Sindh High Court that supports their position.
General Secretary of United Workers Front CBA, Ikram Khan, firmly declared that the Sindh government’s actions will not be tolerated in the Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation, signaling the determination of the protestors to put an end to any form of hooliganism.
Abdul Qayyum, President of Muttahida Workers Front CBA, made a pointed statement directed towards CEO Salahuddin Sahib, demanding better treatment of the corporation’s employees and expressing concerns about the Sukkur IBA Test.
Ayub Baloch, Senior Vice President and Joint In-Charge of United Workers Front CBA, emphasized the need for unity in the face of challenges posed by political forces that seek to undermine Karachi’s institutions.
Nadeem Yusuf, Joint Incharge of Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation said that the corporation belongs to the citizens of Karachi, particularly the youth, underscoring the importance of protecting their rights.
Waseem Ibrahim, Deputy General Secretary of Muttahida Workers Front CBA, assured the employees that strong legal measures will be taken to address the issues at hand, providing hope for a positive outcome.
Numerous other speakers, including Shahbaz Yusuf, Abdul Hakeem, Abdul Waheed, and Khurshid, added their voices to the protest, further strengthening the resolve of the participants.
The event witnessed an overwhelming response from Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation employees, who turned out in large numbers to demonstrate their unity and solidarity, making the protest a resounding success.
The message sent by the protestors is clear – they demand an end to fake recruitment practices and the protection of employee rights in the organization. The authorities are now under pressure to address these concerns and ensure a fair and just working environment for all employees.

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