Hunger strike of teachers in Balochistan


A teacher is a lamp that maintains the presence of light in dark paths. Ustad is the flower that conveys the message of peace, love and friendship in the society with its fragrance. A teacher is a leader who leads a person from the wrong paths of life to the destination. Islam gave the world the light of knowledge, the teacher has been given greatness and the student has been given a high position.
But unfortunately, in our society, the respect of a corrupt and thieving political party leader is greater than the respect of the teacher. It is a universal truth that the society that knows the importance of the teacher and consciously gave the teacher his right has crossed the milestones of success and the society that has suffered the humiliation of humiliating the teacher. This work has become appreciated as today in Balochistan province, the great teachers of this country have been sitting on a symbolic hunger strike for several weeks, yet the deaf rulers have not done anything and has not said anything about how to lead the scholars and teachers in our society.
The water of this unfortunate province smells the holy blood of scholars and teachers. The blood of scholars and teachers has covered the soil of this country. Unfortunately, the scholars and teachers of the nation are exposed to target killing bomb blasts and various kinds of torture, yet the rulers here, whenever they give speeches to the people, first of all claim to bring development and prosperity, but the development and prosperity. They closed the roads themselves. The recession has been promoted.
According to the world, if you compare it here in Balochistan, scholars and teachers have not been given the right according to their abilities, yet the cases against these scholars and gas shilling on their protest is an open invitation to backwardness and ignorance in this province. It is a pity that even today. Teachers are suffering from different kinds of problems, readers, please read carefully the problems faced by teachers.
Chaman/Government Teachers Association, under the leadership of the district President of Balochistan, Fazal Muhammad Achakzai, a protest rally was taken out in favour of their demands. After leaving the high school, the meeting turned into a public meeting in front of the press club. While speaking, he said that the condition of the teachers sitting in the hunger strike camp for three weeks is getting worse day by day, many teachers are being shifted to hospitals, but the insensitive employee is not missing from the hostile provincial government, which is less to be condemned than the teachers.
On the legitimate demands and upgradation summary Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo had sent the upgradation committee on January 6, 2022, on which despite the passage of 7 months, the ’employee-enemy’ Law Secretary has not yet called a meeting, which clearly shows that the current Law Secretary is an enemy of teachers and employees and of the Chief Minister. The orders are not being heeded either.
Thousands of teachers and pensioners across the province have been protesting since 18 July 2022. The long symbolic hunger strike was still ongoing and from August 2022. Senior teachers of Balochistan and the members of GTA (Constitutional) have come out on the streets in different districts of the province seeking to pass the summary and issue the notification soon and save the lives of white-haired teachers. They claimed that they have already informed that if any harm is done to the hunger striking teachers, the entire Quetta will be jammed.
Addressing the protest, they said: Under the leadership of Haji Fazal Muhammad, President of Government Teachers Association District Qila Abdullah Chaman, a large protest demonstration of teachers left in front of Model School Chaman, in which a large number of teachers participated, passing through various roads of the city to Chaman, they reached the Press Club where the demonstration was turned into a protest meeting. Tehsil President Haji Gul Bari, District Chairman Haji Noor Ali Noor and others while speaking said that due to the incompetent provincial government, the teachers are on hunger strike till death to fulfill their legitimate demands, which is a slap on the face of the provincial government.
Incompetent provincial ministers are insulting teachers instead of issuing the notification, which they strongly condemned. If the notification is not issued soon, they will surround the assembly and after which they were supposed to announce a strict plan of action. Despite all the hardships, processions and meetings, the rulers of the time do not take the nail of consciousness and have adopted the path of humiliation against the teachers. The purpose of GTA (Constitutional) is to raise the dignity and position of teachers.
They said that we are ready to make every sacrifice to solve the legitimate demands of the teachers. On a special invitation to the district cabinet of GTA Constitutional District Chaman, Provincial President of Government Teachers Association Constitutional Balochistan Haji Mujibullah Gharshin, Senior Vice President Manzoor Rahi Baloch, Auditor General Kaleemullah Riki, Vice Chairman Inayatullah Kakar and Masoom Khan Loni visited Chaman for organizational matters. District President Haji Fazal Muhammad Achakzai, Chairman Noor Ali Noor Achakzai, Vice President Wilayat Khan Achakzai, District Press Secretary Bismillah Khan Achakzai. Tehsil President Haji Gul Bari, Divisional Representative Haji Hidayatullah, Shah Wali Afghan and other officials gave warm welcome.
District officials presented organizational performance report. Provincial President Haji Mujibullah Gharshin appreciated the performance of the district officials of Chaman District. He said that the performance of the district officials of Chaman GTA (Constitutional) is commendable because this organization is committed to the high dignity of teachers. A notification for the immediate approval of the teachers’ charter of demand should be issued. They said their movement will continue till their demands are met.
Addressing the symbolic hunger strike camp, the teachers said that Haji Fazl Muhammad Achakzai, President of Government Teachers Association (Ayni) District Qila Abdullah Chaman, addressed the protest camp to solve the problems faced by the teachers starting from Aaj.
They said that instead of solving the legitimate demands of the Balochistan teachers, the government is confusing them more, due to which the teachers are forced to go on strike. We appeal to all the teachers to show agreement because our demands are legitimate and we will never back down.
In the protest procession, demonstration and meeting, a large number of teachers from Qila Abdullah Chaman district, district president Haji Fazal Muhammad and participated under the leadership of Chairman Noor Ali Noor.

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