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Hypocrisy at its finest

Javeria Tareen : The writer is a President Balochistan Institute of Research and Development (BIRD).

In the United Nations Security Council, the United States vetoed the Palestinian cease-fire resolution for the third time and supported Israel’s position. The international community felt that America is ready to do everything for Israel, even if it continues to violate human rights and continue to create a narrative of bombing innocent people. Even innocent children are not safe from his wrath, in such a situation, Israel is shedding the blood of the oppressed people of Palestine with more courage. A cease-fire resolution was presented twice before in the Security Council, but the United States vetoed both times. This is not the first time that a country like the United States has used this right to support Israel before.
According to statistics, the five permanent members of the Security Council have used this power several times. The United Kingdom used the veto power for the first time in 1989, while it has used this right 29 times so far. The United States has used the veto power 82 times, and almost half in support of Israel, a record. Russia, formerly the Soviet Union, has used the veto power the most, 125 times. China used it 17 times, including in favor of Pakistan. While Russia once used veto power against Pakistan. France used the veto power the least 16 times. But the question arises that the veto power should have been used in favor of the oppressed nations but more often the big powers used it for their own interests.
This time, Israel is fighting against an organization, not against the army of a regular country, Hamas, whose full name is Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamiya, which is called the Islamic Resistance Movement. Launched an attack against Israel which later proved to be considered more inside job than the outside, in response to which Israel did not fight Hamas fighters so much as they have bombed the Palestinian people in Gaza. Israel has a very powerful air force, Hamas does not have any weapons to respond to this bombing, the brutality on the people of Palestinians specially on children’s have have exposed the face of what Israel is, but Gaza has been completely destroyed people are left for starvation.
Israel intends to completely wipe out the people in the area. Although she has completely lost her moral standing, her military power has also died, so much brutality that she has not been able to destroy Hamas and demoralize the Palestinians. And she may be powerful, but when the people develop the courage to make sacrifices against her, she cannot be defeated. There are already examples in front of us in which atrocities were committed in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria. The most modern weapons of the world were used but no force succeeded in defeating the people. America is currently supporting Israel unnecessarily, while the American people are strongly criticizing their government.
Although power has been defeated by oppression many times before, the desire to dominate by force never ceases. Every tyrant uses power to establish dominance in his own way, but in the intoxication of power he violates moral values, due to which the power of the oppressed emerges. As a result of the recent war in the Palestine issue, it is becoming clear as day that the powerful countries that are supporting Israel in its brutality, despite this, they are facing fear in the international community.
Recently, an American Air Force officer set himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in the US and expressed his shame and remorse for being a part of this brutality before, he was completely burned and unable to walk, but a message. It is left that the power of the oppressed is on the senses of the oppressor.
Israel, already notorious in the international community, has so far defied at least 28 Security Council resolutions. Despite this, America is bent on serving Israel to protect its interests. The lobby of Israel is considered to be the most powerful lobby in the world, which had also increased its influence in Muslim countries, many Muslim countries were about to recognize it, in which Pakistan was also being pressured. Israel intended to expand its territories, but at the moment Israel is facing moral pressure from around the world. Thousands of children, women and men of Gaza have been martyred. Similarly, there are long lists of injured and disabled. But the people of Palestine did not beg for their lives from Israel, the people of Western countries are at the forefront of speaking against Israel. But the crocodile tears are the spring of the rulers of Muslim countries. The people of Muslim countries are hostages in the hands of such rulers. They are also fighting for their rights against their rulers and raising their voices for the victims of Gaza, but the disappointing attitude of the Muslim rulers is that they have not been able to directly help Palestine, nor have they attempted a ceasefire. Such rulers also have a very poor record of respect for human rights in their countries. Therefore, they do not have the moral courage to speak in the name of human rights. The people of Muslim societies, civil society should systematically increase pressure on Western countries and especially the United States to review its role in the Security Council. The civil society of Muslim countries must intensify their efforts to convince their rulers of their responsibility.

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