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Pak American set to lead one of big constituencies in New Jersey

Akhtar Shaheen Rind

KARACHI: The unopposed nomination of Pakistani American Dr. Asad Mujtaba for the post of American County Commissioner has once again made the Pakistanis living in America proud. Dr. Asad Mujtaba, the younger son of Professor Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba, Special Envoy of Chairman Michael McCaul of Congress Foreign Affairs Committee and Chairman of Pakistan Policy Institute USA, is following the footsteps of his parents as a responsible American citizen to take over administrative affairs as well as Pakistan-U.S. relationship in promoting a positive role while maintaining transparency and resolve to achieve common objectives.
According to details, Dr. Asad Mujtaba, is the young son of Professor Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba, a former member of the Presidential Advisory Board of Trump (Republican Party), who has been elected as an unopposed candidate for the county commissioner in Passaic County, New Jersey, by the Republican Party.
Dr. Asad Mujtaba, the son of parents who love Pakistan, along with holding important positions in the powerful government circles in America, has expressed his views regarding Pakistan. That, Pakistan is a country of great importance in the region and America, regardless of everything, is willing to see its strategic partner Pakistan not only economically strong, independent and developed, but also for all possible measures for the development and prosperity of Pakistan.
In a special conversation with this reporter, Dr. Asad Mujtaba further said that there is a need for Pakistani politicians to rise above personal interests and differences and take far-reaching decisions for the welfare and prosperity of Pakistan and the Pakistani people. He said that to ensure the implementation of these decisions, it is incumbent to take sincere friends like America into confidence and get all possible help from the capitol.
It may be noted that Dr. Asad Mujtaba, the unopposed candidate nominated by the Republican Party for the commissioner of Passaic County, New Jersey, is the younger son of Professor Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba, a well-known figure who has lived in the United States for a long time and has played an important role in Pakistani politics.
Dr. Asad Mujtaba was born in Queens, New York to Pakistani American parents and was brought up under the shadow of a patriotic, honest and politically astute father. Dr. Asad’s family background is steeped in service, politics and healthcare. His father, Professor Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba, who is a former member of ROTC and has extensive experience in US and Pakistan political and foreign policy affairs, is Pakistan’s Special Envoy on Foreign Policy and Chairman of the Pakistan Policy Institute, USA. Serving as Dr. Asad’s mother, on the other hand, was a well-known community figure in Clifton, New Jersey, serving as a dedicated pharmacist and interfaith director at Canon Baptist Church.
Dr. Asad Mujtaba has been busy serving the community as a doctor at Clifton City Hall, New Jersey for the past several years. By providing medical facilities to 200 patients daily, he is not only fulfilling professional responsibilities but also playing an significant role in the economic life of Passaic County.
Apart from health care, Dr. Asad also served as the director of Hunter Business School, where his academic ability, vision, and planning not only increased the quality of education but also showed his sincerity towards the local community. For all these reasons, Dr. Asad Mujtaba, the Republican Party’s unopposed candidate for the new commissioner of Passaic County, has been chosen as a patriotic, educated, honest, and community-oriented candidate. whose success is as clear as day. It should be noted that in the general elections to be held in the year 2024, the eyes of the whole world are once again focused on the Republican Party, which is rapidly gaining public popularity.

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