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Hyundai Santa FE Hybrid lands in Karachi for closer experience of latest SUV

KARACHI: Hyundai Nishat Motor Private (Limited) (HNMPL) has organized an exclusive event in the city of Karachi on Sunday, in a bid to provide a closer experience of company’s latest SUV masterpiece, the all-new Hyundai Santa FE Hybrid, says a Press release.
After the successful launch event of the Hyundai Santa FE Hybrid SUV in Lahore, last Sunday, the HNMPL management decided to equally provide the citizens of the country’s biggest cosmopolitan city, Karachi, a chance to get a closer look into the classic high-tech SUV variant.
HNMPL Chief Executive Officer Hassan Mansha said “Hyundai Santa FE Hybrid has received an extremely overwhelming response nationwide after the launch and we are pleased to provide the people of Karachi to witness the greatest story never told”.
The Hyundai Santa FE Hybrid stands out in the Pakistani market with its hybrid technology, offering fuel efficiency, performance, and reduced emissions. As Pakistan’s first AWD 7-seater Hybrid D SUV, it caters to the needs of larger families and environmentally conscious drivers alike.
As a luxury SUV, it provides ample space and a lavish interior, delivering a premium driving experience. Its turbocharged engine ensures dynamic performance and advanced safety features prioritize driver and passenger safety.
In summary, the Hyundai Santa FE Hybrid is a groundbreaking hybrid SUV that combines luxury, power, and safety to redefine the driving experience in Pakistan. The company’s vision is to cater to every car segment, and with the introduction of the Santa FE hybrid, they aim to capture the SUV market in Pakistan, setting new standards for innovation and luxury.

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