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IG-NH&MP visits South Zone, briefed by sector commanders

ISLAMABAD: Inspector General National Highways and Motorway Police Salman Chaudhry visits South Zone after taking charge. The police squad saluted the Inspector General.
Additional IG Munir Ahmed Sheikh, DIG Mohammad Saleem and all sector commanders welcomed him. Later, the IG was given a briefing on administrative matters.
The IG chaired a meeting on government affairs in which day-to-day activities on the road were reviewed.
Additional IG Munir Ahmed Sheikh during the meeting explained measures to control axle load which led to a clear reduction of the axle load, due to which the national highways avoided being damaged, which was appreciated by the Inspector General.
During the meeting, DIG Muhammad Salim said that due to the carelessness of the drivers of buses and oil tankers, many accidents take place against which FIR is now being filed.
Inspector General Salman Chaudhry said during the meeting that all the officers should play their full role for the good name of the institution
Better coordination between officers and employees is needed. Delegating authority to lower levels so that problems of officers and employees can be resolved as soon as possible.
Steps should be taken to make the journey of road users safer and timely assistance should be provided to them officers should treat passengers courteously and ensure the safety of their lives and property.
Inspector General further said that Honesty, Courtesy and Help is the motto of the Motorway Police which every officer should adhere to.
Inspector General Salman Chaudhry also met the officers and employees during his visit.
After the meeting, Inspector General Salman Chaudhry also participated in a seminar on road safety in a private hotel where he addressed the participants about the importance of road safety.