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Ignoring President means ignoring state

There cannot be a bigger tragedy for the country when President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Supreme Commander of Armed Forces of Pakistan with a cap of nuclear state writes a letter to Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan to come for mutual discussion to decide election date, he not only refuses to go to him and writes back that President cannot suggest election date and words to that effect. This is a great insult not to President Dr Arif Alvi but to President’s office, and certainly a wrong message all over the world that Pakistan as a nation has still not grown. Chief Election Commissioner ECP had all the rights to disagree with the President but should not have refused to go to him and in response replies back his communication. If the institutional heads start indulging in disrespect of the President’s office and disregard his orders it causes no harm to the President but damage to the highest state institution of the country.
Unfortunately, everyone is busy interfering in others domain and not doing their own work has complicated the issues. Each lawyer has his own interpretation of law and considers himself the only expert whereas this sort of attitude has weakened all the institutions of the state. There used to be an institution of higher judiciary that has the sole prerogative to interpret the constitutional provisions that is now a past, because the previous government including PM and Law minister and others openly said that decision of SC shall not be implemented. This type of attitude is certainly not acceptable in any democratic set up. In recent past we have witnessed great confrontation between various state organs that has virtually shaken the foundation of state. There is no one to correct the situation and things are certainly getting out of control. It was sacred duty of the media to create check and balance and plead the case of people but their leaning towards certain political groups has created more uncertainties between rulers and public at large. No amount of criticism and different stories floated against each other has done any harm to individuals except in giving headlines news and fodder for talk shows and only damaging the reputation of the individuals and parties.
We have seen how the burning and basic issue of holding elections in 90 days is being sidelined under different interpretations. If we glance through articles of the constitution from 8 to 28 it guarantees basic fundamental rights to ordinary citizens but are being flouted openly, like under Article 10 if some citizen is arrested by LEA must be produced in the court within 24 hours but practically it is not being done therefore it has resulted in forced disappearances of the citizens. Likewise, there are many clauses pertaining to fundamental rights of citizens but not being followed. These days the burning issue is holding of general elections in the country. Under Article 224 after dissolution of assemblies’ elections must take place in 90 days according to constitution, but ECP wants to delay under the cover of new delimitation simply means to render the constitution in effective. We have seen that after dissolution of Punjab and KPK assemblies’ elections were not held within 90 days. God forbid if general elections are not held in 90 days under any pretext that would simply mean that 1973 constitution is no more workable therefore this needs to be changed as it has failed to provide solution due to political crisis. History is full of examples where such grave violations have resulted in breakup of countries. We did not accept the results of winning party of Mujeeb ur Rahman and lost half of the country. Political rivals are to be defeated or eliminated only through political process, any other method used shall prove counterproductive. The nation is protesting against inflated power bills with so many additional taxes imposed for which there is no justification at all. Before imposing taxes these must be discussed in the assembly and approved by the house. The 1973 constitution also gives guarantees of education health shelter and food security so protest on only power shall not make any difference. It looks that sooner or later 1973 Constitution shall be declared non workable so that new constitution is brought in place to suit their own conveniences.
This political instability and the mess created by PDM for sixteen months has proved to be disaster for the economic meltdown of the economy. This can only be controlled by holding free fair and transparent elections with transparent ballot boxes in 90 days. Any political engineering at this stage when polarization is at the peak shall plunge country in to further chaos and confusion. Pakistan in general and Pakistanis in particular can ill afford the continued political confrontation in the country. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the interim government only to concentrate on holding free and fair elections in 90 days, if present CEC cannot hold elections within 90 days which is his primary responsibility he must be shown the door.