Imran Khan asks how long state institutions would allow the mafia to ‘plunder’ Pakistan

Imran Khan asks how long state

ISLAMABAD: After facing defeat in the Punjab Assembly following PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat’s withdrawal of support, former prime minister and PTI Chairperson Imran Khan questioned how long would state institutions allow the Zardari-Sharif ‘mafia’ to ‘plunder’ Pakistan.
The letter by Shujaat came a day after his meeting with former president Asif Zardari. It instructed his MPAs to vote for PML-N’s candidate – Hamza Shehbaz. The PML-N leader was declared a victor after Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Dost Mohammad Mazari ruled that PML-Q members’ votes were not counted considering the party head’s letter.
On Saturday the ex-premier took to his official Twitter handle to claim that the Zardari – Sharif “mafia” has bought the country to its knees politically and economically “simply to save their illegally accumulated wealth amassed over 30 years of plundering Pakistan”.
Imran warned that the country was not far from a “Sri Lanka moment” when the people of Pakistan would pour out in the streets.
“I can say with certainty after my interaction with our nation and their response to my call for Haqeeqi Azadi that [the] people of Pakistan have had enough”, he wrote, adding that the populace would not allow these “mafias to continue their loot and plunder”.
“Shocked” at the surprise win of Hamza Shehbaz in the election for Punjab Chief Minister post, Imran Khan urged his workers and supporters, particularly the youth, to stage peaceful protests on Friday night.
“I am in shock at what happened in the Punjab Assembly today,” Imran said while addressing the people. “Get everyone out of your homes and register your protest tonight,” he said. “People should protest, but don’t take the law into your hand, stay peaceful,” he added.
Imran fired a broadside against Zardari, charging him with “using stolen money in every election” and “buying democracy”.