Imran Khan’s China visit

All eyes were on the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan last week, when he took an official tour of People Republic of China for five days. He was given red carpet reception on his arrival. During his five days stay in China he met the President Mr Xi and the Prime Minister besides other important personalities of China including the visit to the School Of Communist Party. Mr Khan was also the key note speaker at the International Import conference held at Shangai.

In all as many as 15 MOUs have been signed between Pakistan and China which will have positive impact upon socio economic development of Pakistan. Moreover the Prime Minister discussed in detail the future prospects of CPEC which in true sense is a game changer especially for Pakistan.

The Chinese side assured Mr Khan that CPEC will progress by leaps and bounds and will undertake all the measures as agreed between the two countries about CPEC. There are certain elements in and outside Pakistan who want create hurdles for CPEC by creating confusion in the minds of Pakistani people, but this tactics will fail as the majority of Pakistani people, especially the armed forces of Pakistan want CPEC to succeed .

During his five days’ stay in the Peoples Republic of China, Mr Khan also addressed the Pakistani community including Pakistani students studying there, he told them that Pakistan is under great strain economically as the two past governments headed by Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari had plundered the national exchequer making Pakistan bankrupt and hallow. We are facing tough time, at the same time the balance of payment is haunting us for which we are looking towards our friends like China.

Saudi Arabia as you know has already given us US dollars 6 billion to overcome the issue of balance of payment as well to run the day to day affairs of the government. The situation is very precarious. However, Inshallah, we will overcome it. Actually Pakistan is suffering because of corruption at every level. We want corrupt persons to be arrested and brought before law for fair trial and if proved guilty they be given exemplary punishment. The task is difficult as white collar crimes are difficult to detect but we are seeking help of China how to detect white collar crimes.

The Prime Minister also appealed to the Pakistani businessmen specially the exporters to boost exports to China as the trade gap between the two countries is very huge. He exhorted Pakistani businessmen to study the vast market of China and create a niche for their products. The competition is very tough.

Balancing and modernization is the key to success as Chinese businessmen and industrialists have done so. Pakistani businessmen can easily earn ten billion US dollars through exports if they work hard and acquire the services of the professionals who would help them how to penetrate the markets.

Mr Khan was very much impressed by the progress of China in all sectors of economy including human resource development. The visit of the Prime Minster of Pakistan will further consolidate the relations between the two countries, the basis of which is the bilateral agreement reached in 2005.

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