India spends $10bn p.a to defame Pakistan: Ahmed

Imran Zakir

KARACHI: Chairman I’m Pakistan World Wide movement, Syed Ahmed Ali said that India spending $10 billion every year to defame Pakistan top brass to demoralize the nation at a Press conference on Tuesday held at Karachi Press Club.
He said that growth and prosperity among nation is brought up by SME sector and rapid industrialization but due to high cost of electricity our country remain far behind from the developing nations. We are lacking in Dams that can produce cheap electricity which can lower down cost of production.
He shows his grievances over the defaming issue of former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan Saqib Nisar who brilliantly saved the nation from Energy Crises and Pakistan will be self-sufficient in electricity production before 2030.He said that there are 312 peoples who are lobbing not to construct any dam in the Country but the present government is taken this initiative on priority basis.
Syed Ahmed Ali is Pakistani origin businessman from Canada share his experience of selling flour at Rs 20 per kg at various locations of Pakistan that we were threatened continuously and one of the Member of his Core Committee Mr. Zeeshan Haider injured by some un known persons to retarded his awareness campaign against 30 t0 40 top business peoples who hostage this country. He also promises the nation in his press conference to pay the debt of IMF which is around $160 billion but Paris Club debt is too much to pay off.
Moreover, he discussed the bad governance and failed price control strategy of Sind Government which failed to control inflation on basic food items that the actual price of Wheat flour is Rs. 22/kg but within few months it shot up to Rs. 55/kg. India also spending $10 billion to defame Pakistan.

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