Indian Ind Day observed as Black Day in Milan

Mumtaz Hussain Khyal

MILAN (Italy): There was a great turnout from the different walks of the life in Black Day demonstration on the occasion of Indian independence day observed here Thursday by different communities as a Black Day on the call of the Government of Pakistan.
At Milan, Pakistani, Kashmiri, Pushtoon, Bangladeshi, Sikh, and Italian locals observed ‘Black Day’ today to coincide with India’s Independence Day celebrations, in protest at New Delhi’s decision to revoke special status for Kashmir.
India’s decision this month, along with a communications blackout and curbs on the movement of those in Kashmir, caused fury in Pakistan, which cut trade-and-transport links and expelled India’s envoy in retaliation.
Today a huge turnout of the people recorded at Piazza Castello Milan for Kashmir cause. This community program started with reciting of the Holy Quran, alongside with a Naat by a local Pakistani community member. In addition, Pakistani and Kashmiri community members along with World Sikh Parliament announced this protest call. After some Pakistani speakers, Jasbir Singh president of World Sikh Parliament Italy said that Modi is the worst ruler in South East Asia. He is a mass killer in the region and it is unacceptable at any costs. He added that Modi revoked article 370 and 35 A without any discussion with other allies, and Modi must reconsider it immediately. Moreover, during his speech protesters started hooting with slogan of “We Want Free Kashmir, We Want Punjab-Khalistan”. There were dozens of Sikh women, men, and children.
Jasbir Singh added that there are 56 Muslim states in the world and all are sleeping, they cannot see what is happening in Kashmir. In addition, we Sikh have only one sub-state and we are struggling for our rights. Even though it seems hard, difficult, but it is possible. Sooner, or bit later you will see the changes on the map of India. In India, Sikh community is providing shelters to innocent Kashmiris. He said why there are more than 700,000 Indian troops in Kashmir. Is there any big terrorists group than Indian troops? New Delhi is promoting and supporting state terrorists.
Italian local woman worker, Dott.Rosanna Ciaceri from Associazione “Immigrati Cittadini” Onlus said in her speech that Italy is a country where we can see the beauty of humans, and we respect to all human beings. I condemn the recent curfew imposed on innocent people of Kashmir for more than two weeks, and I demand to UNO to take a step forward and resolve this hot issue. She said that international political lobby could not see this injustice on the earth. We respect to the humanity, Modi is doing anti-human activities, and he must stop his exercise there.
Pakistani and Kashmiri community members from Brescia (Italy) participated in this protest in a huge amount. A renowned Kashmiri businessperson Raja Sheraz Ahmed led this group from Brescia. Talking to TFD, said that when we first time started this activity, we had only 23 participants that time, but today, we have a large number of participants here.
In addition, he said today we one big coach and dozens of private vehicles for this cause and we feel proud that we are contributing for a great purpose. While talking on Kashmir issue, he seemed very depressed and his eyes were turned into red color while taking about Kashmiris, children, and innocent people.

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