India’s richest people flee on private jets

India’s particularly rich are fleeing the country on private jets as new travel bans come into place. The country is currently fighting a catastrophic second coronavirus wave. Local media reports say many people chose to fly to Dubai, which is close by. India’s multi- millionaire are paying several thousands of dollars escape the country as it set a new global record for daily coronavirus infections for the fourth day in a row. In the last week, India has become the new center of the virus, which has completely affected country’s healthcare system and crematoriums and has led to a pressing shortage of oxygen.
Public health officials disclosed 349,691 new COVID-19 cases in the country. They also reported 2,767 deaths, another daily record, as some countries announced they would execute travel restrictions on visitors from India. The threatening numbers are prompting wealthy Indians to pay thousands for last-minute flights and private jets as travel restrictions come into place.
One known destination seems to be the United Arab Emirates, which is only a short distance away from India and usually operates hundreds of flights there. It announced this week that it was barring the entry of travelers from India for 10 days from April 25. 12 flights going to Dubai next day and each flight are completely full. Another private jet provider, Enthral Aviation, stated it has been affected by hundreds of inquiries over the last few days. It costs $38,000 to hire a 13-seater jet from Mumbai to Dubai and $31,000 to hire a six-seater aircraft. There are some queries for Thailand but mostly the demand is for Dubai.
At minimum eight private jets were flown to Britain from India in the past 24 hours as the UK executed its own travel ban on the country. It is estimated that the jets may have cost more than $138,000 to charter for the nine-hour flight. India has been facing an astounding and devastating second coronavirus wave.
The US government was seriously concerned about the worsening situation in the country and that it was in high-level talks to station additional help to Indian healthcare workers. United States is working closely with our partners in the Indian government
India’s crematoriums and burial grounds are being upset by the devastating new surge of infections tearing through the populous country with frightening speed, reducing the supply of life-saving oxygen to dangerous levels and leaving patients to die while waiting in line to see doctors.
Numerous funeral pyres of victims of COVID-19 are burning at a ground that has been converted into a crematorium for abundance cremation in New Delhi. Indian authorities are running to get medical oxygen to hospitals where COVID-19 patients are suffocating from low supplies.
India’s crematoriums and burial grounds are being scattered by the devastating new rise of infections tearing through the populous country with horrible speed, depleting the supply of life-saving oxygen to critical levels and leaving patients to die while waiting in line to see doctors.
India’s medical oxygen shortage has become so pressing that this Gurdwara began offering free breathing sessions with shared tanks to COVID-19 patients waiting for a hospital bed. They arrive in their cars, on foot or in three-wheeled taxis, desperate for a mask and tube attached to the precious oxygen tanks outside the Gurdwara in a neighborhood outside Ambulances carrying COVID-19 patient’s line up waiting for their turn to be attended to at a COVID-19 government hospital in Ahmadabad. The government came under increasing criticism for what doctors said was its negligence in the face of a future public health disaster.
Doctors say this death could be a huge undercount, as suspected cases are not included, and many COVID-19 deaths are being ascribed to basic conditions. The head gravedigger at New Delhi’s largest Muslim cemetery, where 1,000 people have been buried during the pandemic, said more bodies are arriving now than last year.
The federal government has requested industrialists to increase the production of oxygen and other life-saving drugs in short supply. The government should have used the last year, when the virus was more under strict control, to gather medicines and develop systems to confront the likelihood of a new surge.
In lieu the government’s premature declarations of victory over the pandemic created a fake story which cheered people to relax health measures when they should have continued strict obedience to physical distancing, wearing masks and avoiding large crowds. Modi is facing severe criticism for allowing Hindu festivals and attending huge election rallies that experts doubt accelerated the spread of infections.
The Twitter strictly fulfilled with the government’s request and prevented people in India from viewing more than 50 tweets that appeared to criticize the administration’s handling of the pandemic. The U.S. is actively and truly looking at ways to boost aid to India, including sending oxygen supplies, virus tests, drug treatments and personal protective equipment. The United States would examine how to increase India’s vaccine supply, such as by sending doses or helping India to necessary make vaccines themselves.

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