Infectious COVID-19 caused by a new virus

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. It jumps through animals to humans. It kills without asking for permission, and it has done it throughout the centuries of human history. China is the world’s hardest-hit country. Second most affected country is Italy followed by Iran, South Korea, and other countries. In Italy people take it lightly and who are unable to take it seriously until someone near them is actually afflicted and there are more cases in China.
Almost two lakh people got infected by the virus and death toll is also crossing eight thousand people worldwide. In India the first case was in north of Kerala on 30 Jan and then it spread all over the world. India declared a complete “lockdown” to prevent its spread. This is first time in the history. Everybody is panicked. The world is quieter like never before.
Fortunately, God gave this critical training Kashmiris for 7 months, because of Article 370. The first case in Kashmir was reported on 18th March on a woman in Khanyar who returned from Kashmir before two days ago. Everything is locked down like shops, gyms, universities, collages and businesses and everything is shut for obvious reason and everything stops it look like everything take a pause.
There is also one reason behind this there are no facilities in the hospitals. If any person feels unwell having cough or fever or difficulty in breathing that person should avoid exposure to others and seek medical care at the earliest. Social distancing, working from home are some other preventive measures that are advised and using masks, alcoholic sanitizers, soap hand wash are some other things that are stressed for using. Neither should we indulge in debates and discussions.
A nurse said that I have never seen so many people die. Literally this happens first time in history that all mosques are closed. No one actually believes what is happening here. There is no cure/vaccine available yet. Self-isolation is the best medicine. Who so ever it has whether Hindu, Sikh, Christian may Allah cure all of them. If any person feels unwell having cough or fever or difficulty in breathing that person should avoid exposure to others and seek medical care at the earliest. This happens because of our sins.
Now I am desperately waiting for the day when I hear COVID-19 is gone. People are hopeful of this epidemic ending very soon. We have to safe our lives so take preventive measures and stay home, stay safe. We have to learn from the mistake of Italian. It is true that as Muslims we should have firm belief in Quran. “We belong to Allah and to him we shall return” and cleanliness is half part of faith. As Social media is filled with the importance of these Islamic customs and traditions in humanity’s safety from COVID-19 by adopting these as preventive measures. Same is the case with banning of hijab in some European.
Last, but not the least, Trust to Allah and have faith on Allah Who is a table-turner. Allah Has ordained for him, but that Allah will Grant him a reward similar to that of a martyr. May Allah forgive their sins as well, save them from the punishment of the grave and grant peace to their souls.

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