Integrating into the Pakistani society while strengthening the Pak-China ties


The relationship between nations lies in the affinity between the people, and the affinity between the people lies in the interlinked heart,”an old Chinese proverb.

Likewise, the key to building “the Belt and Road” is connectivity and China Mobile Pakistan is playing the role of primary connectivity provider; thanks to its unrivalled network footprint and best-in-class high-speed data products and services that have stimulated digital penetration in the country.

China Mobile Pakistan Ltd. (CMPak) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Group which was established in 2007. Taking root in Pakistan 13 yearsback, CMPak has made great contributions to Pakistan’s digital progress.

The company has been steadfast in socio-economic development, constantly integrating into the local society, serving the people’s livelihood and benefiting the society, thus injecting strong impetus into the deepening of the friendship between China and Pakistan.

Social integration and improvement of people’s livelihood

Adhering to the people-centered development, focusing on poverty eradication, increasing employment, and improving people’s livelihood, are some of the ways China Mobile has contributed to Pakistan’s socio-economic progress.

“The rapid development of CMPak benefits from our integration into the localized operation,” Wang Hua, Chairman and CEO of CMPak, shares while summing up CMPak’s operation experience through 99% local employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important approach to integrate into localized operation of CMPak. On the International Children’s Day 2020, CMPakextended support to a school in suburbs of Islamabad called Malot, deliveringteaching equipment, stationery and recreational supplies for students.

CMPak adheres to the long-term focus on Pakistan’s education and health and alwaysencouragecompany volunteers to extend help and support for poor & underprivileged, and continues to spread the caring voice of Chinese enterprises through small yet impactfulinitiatives.

In addition, over the past 13 years, CMPak has provided more than 200,000 direct and indirect jobs in Pakistan, and has paid over 300 billion rupees in lieu of various taxes and fees to the local government to support Pakistan’s economic development with its own business activities.

CMPak’s profound Covid-19 response in Pakistan

In the early stages of an outbreak, it is crucial to enhance the local people’s awareness of the pandemic and popularize the knowledge of epidemic prevention. CMPak benefited from its own industry advantages to carry out prevention publicity, including free medical hotline, free SMSs, and awareness on epidemic prevention through users’ mobile phone ring tones in Urdu.

At the same time, in order to provide scientific prevention and control knowledge, CMPakcollaborated with the UNICEF, WHO and other official agencies to jointly launch short videos and pictures on Covid-19, which were publicized on social media.

In order to help Pakistan tide over the epidemic, CMPak actively organized “one day income donation” activity.The company allocated funds in proportion and donated 7 million rupees to the Prime Minister’s CoronaRelief Fund, donated16,000 N95 masks to NDMA, adjusted its historical donation in PRCS, and used provided medical facilities to local hospitals.

CMPak also provided communication products and prevention materials worth 35 million rupeesto local governments to ensure the smooth development of the epidemic prevention work.In May 2020, an Ipsos poll showed that CMPak was ranked as one of the top 10 most supportive enterprises in Pakistan.

Helping each other, serving the “Belt & Road” project

CPEC is a flagship project of “Belt & Road”, and the Thar Coal is one of the key projects, located in the desert having zero network coverage. CMPak took the initiative of network construction around the project. CMPak’s network personnel workedday and night and finally set up a 4G network before the Spring Festival in 2019.

CMPak has brought Pakistan not only advanced network technology, but also matured IoT applications. In 2019, CMPak cooperated with Kang Jie technology, a Chinese environmental sanitation company to install the ‘internet of vehicles’ application on 220 sanitation vehicles in Karachi, to improve work efficiency of local sanitation.

Stirring the industry amid stiff competition

In 2007, although there were many foreign telecom operators like Jazz and Telenor in Pakistan’s telecom market, the local market competition was far from sufficient. Since China Mobile entered this market, it has continuously increased capital investment, promoted network infrastructure construction, and improved service quality.

After bidding for the 3G/4G spectrum license in 2014, CMPak made great efforts to build 4G network. At present, the total number of Zong’s base stations has exceeded 14,000,offering the best network coverage and quality. Meanwhile, CMPak’s brand – Zong 4G – has become the most popular brand among young customers in Pakistan.

CMPak’s achievements in digital innovation were recognized at the “10 years of excellence” in 2019 by the former Minister of MoITT,who praised CMPak’s positive role in the technological evolution of Pakistan’s telecom industry. In March, 2019, the company won the “Best 4G” award by Consumer Association of Pakistan.

As the tech leader inPakistani telecom sector, CMPakhas carried out 5G network tests. On November 4, 2020, CMPak, together with China Mobile Beijing, managed first 5G international video call in South Asia to Beijing from Islamabad.

In the future, China Mobile Pakistan will continue to pursue development of high-quality network infrastructure, accelerate the pace of building a world-class enterprise, and further share the achievements of China’s economic development and scientific & technological progress with the Pakistani people.

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