International rankings of Pakistan


Entire the issues , matters and problems that Pakistan tackles culturally, geographically, agriculturally , socially,eugenically , ethically, religiously, philosophically, psychologically, economically, anthropologically, politely, racially and civilly, people with global exposure would corroborate that the state perceives and arrives better than its international penetration and rankings and degrees.
Pakistan is the 33rd largest nation by the total area (including northern areas) at 881,913 km² (340,509 sq mi) slightly larger than the Canadian province of Alberta. Pakistan in ranking the Fourth country out of 145 countries in irrigated land area which indicates agricultural areas purposely dispensed with water, as well as land irrigated by managed flooding. The length of the coastline of Pakistan is 1046 km and it is 82 in ranking out of 196 countries (the sea area that is connected with the land of Pakistan is called the coastline of Pakistan). K2 is the highest point of the Karakoram range and the second highest peak in the world out of 241 nations. Pakistan also has 42 mountain peaks which are over 7200 metres (23,622 ft) above sea level. Pakistan plans to plant atleast 10 billion trees by 2023 to restore forests , it is now 79 in ranking out of 193 countries.
In terms of cereals, fruit and livestock production , Pakistan stands seventh in global Apricot production, with an annual production of (128,382 tonnes), Pakistan ranked fifth among seed, cotton producing countries (output of 4,828,439 tonnes), Pakistan ranked tenth in Largest Rice producing countries (output of 10802,949 tonnes) , Pakistan is ranked sixth in the world onion producing countries(output of 2,119,675 tonnes) , Pakistan has been ranked fifth within the group of 83 countries in terms of mangoes, mangosteens, guavas (output of 2,320,050 tonnes), Pakistan is also amongst the world’s top ten producers of wheat and is ranked seventh in wheat (output of 25,076,149 tonnes) contribute around 4.9 percent while minor crops contribute 2.1 Percent to the country’s GDP, Pakistan is one of the largest date producers in the world ranking sixth in date producing countries (output of 471,670 tonnes) , Pakistan is the fifth largest in sugarcane producer in the world with an annual production of 63,800(output of 67,173,975 tonnes) ,ninth in ranking chickpea (output of 323,364 tonnes), Pakistan is the eleventh largest importer of pulses in the Asian region (output of 110, 680 tonnes), Pakistan ranks seventh in terms of okra production (output of 120,637 tonnes), fourth in goats (stock of 74,134,000 heads) mostly okra is cultivated in Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala and Lahore , Pakistan is the second largest milk producing country in the world approximately 80%milk is produced small scale in rural areas ,15% semi-urban and 5%in urban areas (buffalo 28,109,000 tonnes), fourth is ranked in milk (goat 915,000 tonnes), fourth is ranked at milk (as drink) , Pakistan is ranked third in meat with the share in production of 7.86% (goat 333,000 tonnes) , hence, Pakistan is rich potential in the dairy sectors.
Pakistan has the seventh largest population in the world and one of the most populous countries in the world and is ranking third most populous karachi , the urban population of Pakistan represents about two-fifths of the total and karachi is ranking sixth in metropolitan area population and Multan is ranking second in urban area population.
International terrorism index comprehensively ranks countries of the world according to their terrorist ventures. Pakistan is ranked 7 out of 135 countries, Positive decrease on global terrorism index which indicates that terrorism has steeply declined in Pakistan it hampers the prospects of good governance.
The fertility rate of Pakistan is 3.60 child born per woman, a 1.81%decline from 2020 and is ranked 40 out of 228 states.
After USA and India, Pakistan stands third out of 133 states in speaking English, English is one of the Pakistan’s official language, along with Urdu, whereas, nobody in Pakistan actually speaks English as a first language, Urdu language is always the preferable option, all over 49% of the population do express it as a second language that accounts for almost 94,321,604.
Pakistan is ranked 149th among 189 countries on human development index rankings , human development rankings scaled by amalgamating indicators of health, well being, education, and living standards.
Pakistan is 93rd in the overall quality of life index , prosperity index rankings out of 188 countries , Pakistan presents firmly and steadily in social capital and enterprise conditions but is fragiled in natural environment.
The literacy rate gauges the percentage of people aged (15-24 years both sexes) who are able to read and write, and the youth literacy rate is 74.53% .
The total population of Pakistan is estimated at 233,500,636, Pakistan ranks number fifth out of 238 states by population.
Pakistan has loftiest population growth rates in the global world at about 2.07% annually, end-to-end, the average woman in Pakistan has given birth to likewise 6 children and is ranked 45th out of 237 countries.
The population density of Pakistan is 275 people per km² of land area and is ranked 45th out of 215 countries; the majority of people live in the south along the River Indus.
Life expectancy at birth is 69.2 years in Pakistan which gives Pakistan a world life expectancy ranking of 171 out of 228 countries.
Pakistan ranks 187th among 192 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of health expenditure and 2.8%of GDP.
Pakistan achieves a happy planet index score of 31.5 and stand first in South Asia, and ranks 67th among 156 countries.
Pakistan is a country with an enormous range of languages and ethnicities and Pakistan is ranked 39th among 209 countries in linguistic diversity index.
Pakistan recorded an account balance deficit of -12.44 billion US dollars and Pakistan is ranked 194th among 206 countries. Pakistan recorded nearly 70% increase in exports to China 32.88 billion US dollars and is ranked 61th out of 224 countries. Pakistan ranks 51th out of 224 countries in imports and recorded 53.11 billion US dollars. Pakistan’s economic freedom score is 51.7, making its economy the 131st freest in the 2021 index. Pakistan is ranked 173rd out of 216 in GDP (nominal) per capita Pakistan ranks 40th among 195 countries in GDP (nominal). Pakistan has a population over 220 million and the world’s 5th largest country, Pakistan ranks 25th among 229 countries in GDP (PPP) and recorded 1.061 trillion US dollars. Pakistan ranks 158th out of 216 countries in GDP (PPP per capita) GDP per capita based on PPP of Pakistan increased from 2,682 international dollars in 2001 to 5,160 international dollars in 2020 growing at an average annual rate of 3.54%. Pakistan slipped by three spots on the global competitiveness index 4.0 released by the world economic forum ranking 110 out of 141 countries, in 2018 , Pakistan ranked 107 out of 140 countries. Pakistan is ranked 58th out of 62 countries in the financial development index. In accordance with World bank’s latest rankings , Pakistan has ameliorated its position by 28 points from 136 to 108 out of 190 countries which is an unrivalled improvement. The labor force of Pakistan is ranked 120 out of 141 countries and the total number of Pakistan’s labor force is 63.89 million. The inflation rate of Pakistan is 4.10% and is ranked 161st out of 226 countries. Pakistan foreign exchange reserves measured at 18.46 billion US dollars and is ranked 62 out of 195 countries.
Pakistan ranks 16th in world’s leading cement producer , Pakistani cement industries are popular in Pakistan, it helps a lot to make Pakistani economy freeble. Pakistan ranks 32 out of 209 countries in electricity production. Pakistan stands First in the world at hand-sewn footballs production Sialkot is the world’s first largest producer of hand-sewn footballs with local factories manufacturing 60 million footballs per year and sialkot is also world’s First largest centre of surgical instrument manufacturing and sialkot was First to be a centre of metalwork in the 1890s Pakistan ranks First in the world at the field of surgical instrument manufacturing.
The environmental sustainability index ranks 131 out of 146 countries and EPI Score 39.9. Pakistan achieves HPI score of 31.5 and ranks 36th of 140 countries. Forest area (1.9%) in Pakistan and ranks 185 out of 217 countries. The values for CO2 emissions from gaseous fuel consumption in Pakistan 166,298 kiloton and ranks 33 out of 205 countries.
Electricity production ranks 31st in 220 countries and produces 109.7 billion kWh annually. Pakistan ranks 35th out of 215 countries and it owns and operates 26.9 million KW electricity installed generating capacity. Pakistan ranks 34th among 219 countries with 92.33 billion kWh annually in the field of electricity consumption. Fossil fuels generate electricity 62%of total installed capacity and ranks 125th out of 215 countries. Nuclear fuels generated electricity 5% of total installed capacity and ranked 22nd out of 215 countries. Hydroelectric plants generate electricity 27% of total installed capacity and ranks 74th out of 215 countries. Crude oil production in Pakistan at level of 89,720 BBL/Day and ranks 44th out of 217 countries. Crude oil imports ranks 31st out of 218 countries at a level of 168,200 BBL/day. Pakistan holds 332.2 million barrels of crude oil proved oil reserves and ranking 52nd in the world out of 215 countries and accounting for about 0.0% of the world’s total oil reserves of 1,650,585,140,000 barrels. Pakistan holds 39.05 billion cubic meter natural gas production per annually and is ranking 21st in the world out of 217 countries and natural gas imports at 6.003 billion cubic meter per annually and is ranking 32nd out of 216 countries. Pakistan holds 588.8 billion cubic meter/ 20.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas proven reserves and ranks 30th in the world out of 210 countries. Pakistan holds 45 tonnes of uranium production and is ranked 14th out of 19 countries.
Pakistan ranks 20 among 155 countries in military expenditures at 3.56% of GDP. Active troops of the Pakistan military ranked 6th out of 173 countries in the world. Pakistan stands 6th in the list of countries by number of total troops among 173 countries. The Pakistan military is one of the largest forces in the world , in terms of active personnel. The size of armed forces in Pakistan is 6th in the whole world and Pakistan is ranked 3rd most active UN peacekeeping force in the world. (Following rankings involving politics are taken from world bank’s data) Pakistan has ranked in 120 out of 180 countries on the corruption perceptions index and the decrease is 32. Pakistan’s press freedom rank dropped to (45.83) 142 out of 180 countries in the press freedom index (100 is very clean and 0 is highly corrupt). Pakistan has improved three places to 108th position in the democracy out of 167 countries index’s global ranking , Pakistan assigned 4.25 (0 is bertee and 100 is worse). Pakistan has improved its ranking in the fragile states index increase 23 out of 178 94.2 is positive decrease (100 is full democracy and 0 is authoritarian).
(Following rankings involving technological advances in communication are taken from the CIA world Factbook) Pakistan is ranked 50th out of 218 States with the demographics (est) of 3000,000 in the field of telephone lines in use. Pakistan is ranked 8th out of 222 countries with the demographics (est) of 162 million. Pakistan is ranked 57th out of 233 in internet hosts field with the demographics (est) of 365,813. The number of internet users in Pakistan has ranked 14th out of 217 countries with the demographics (est) of 72 million.
The Pakistani cricket team is ranked fifth in tests, sixth in ODIs and Fourth in T201s by the ICC . Pakistan was the 1992 ICC world cup champion, Pakistan won the 2009 ICC world Twenty20 also Pakistan won 2017 ICC champions trophy for the first time , defeating India Pakistan has distinct achievement of having won each of the major ICC international cricket tournaments , ICC cricket world cup, ICC world Twenty20,and ICC champions trophy as well as the ICC test championship. 30 championships of Pakistan in number of British open squash champions, 24 championships of Pakistan in number of world squash championships , Pakistan stood 4 time world cup champions winners in the field of international hockey federation world rankings. Pakistan among 10 countries with 4235.05 points in kabaddi champion also, Pakistan is ranked 22 out of 71 countries in Nobel laureates , Malala Yousufzai (for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to educate) won the Nobel peace prize in 2014 and the scientist Abdus salam who won the physics prize in 1979. Sharmeen obaid chinnoy is the only Pakistani who won two academy awards , and she is the First artist to co-chair the world economic forum in 2017 the native Pakistani has taken home two oscars for short subject documentary academy award and stood First in the world who became the First Pakistani to win an Oscar. Ramon Magsaysay award won by Akhtar Hameed Khan in 1963 was a Pakistani and a social scientist , Ramon Magsaysay award won by Abdul Sattar Edhi in 1986 he was a philanthropist ascetic, and humanitarian who founded the EDHI foundation which runs the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network along with homeless shelters, animal shelter rehabilitation centers and orphanages across Pakistan and he was awarded Lenin peace prize award by Soviet Union for his services in the 1988 Armenian earthquake. Ramon Magsaysay award won by Bilquis Edhi 1986 she’s a widow of Abdul Sattar Edhi and a pro nurse and one of the most active philanthropist and has been declared the mother of Pakistan. Lenin peace prize awarded by Faiz Ahmed Faiz in 1962 he was the first Pakistani to receive this award from Soviet Union in 1962. Ahmad Hasan Dani intellectual , archaeologist , historian and linguist awarded in 1998 the Legion d’ Honneur , Asma jahangir prominent Pakistani legal expert and human rights activist also awarded the Legion d’Honneur award in 2014.
Lacking of piece de resistance dimensions ranking process, for instance, significant accession planning would be hard to achieve. Rankings allure to our idea of acquainted and underneath, and create vying. Even though the neath or underneath countries are frequently remarkably close, international organizations verbunderstand that there are advantages to the assorting and categorizing. Rankings can furnished “tangible benefits” akin to nourished lucidity and quality pledge.

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