Intra-Afghan dialogue on the cards?

Recently, the Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Bajwa under took a very important visit to Kabul to meet Afghan President Mr Ashraf Ghani. The Army Chief was accompanied by the ISIDirector General Asif Hamid. The meetingtook place ina cordial manner and all issues pertaining to Pak-Afghan relations including the Intra-Afghan dialogue withAfghan Taliban were discussed at length.The vising Pakistani delegation also met with Dr.Abdullah Abdullahto seek his views about the peace process in Afghanistan.
To be very specific, itis said,as reported in the press,that Mr Ashraf Ghani is very much committed to peace process and has agreed to release moreAfghan prisoners which would help initiate the Intra-Afghan dialogue.
During the course of meeting, Gen Qamar Bajwa also mentioned to the Afghan President that there are certain elements in Kabul who are peace spoilers and do not want peace prevail in the war-torn Afghanistan where the war has played havoc.
He also mentioned his meeting with ZalmayMamozy Khalilzad , theAfghan-American diplomat,who recently visited Pakistan and had come with a clear message from the US President that US does not want to stay any longer in Afghanistan and wants to withdraw its troops as agreed between Afghan Taliban and the US representatives in Doha.
To my mind, soon Afghan leadership would releasemore Afghan prisoners, the total number of whom is around 50000, to kick start the much-awaited Intra-Afghan dialogue to push forward the peace process and bring an end to the nineteen years old US war in Afghanistan, the longest war in recentAmerican history.
Seemingly, the visit undertaken by the Army Chief along with ISI Director General GenAsifHamid was aimed at convincing the PresidentofAfghanistan that how important it is to start Intra Afghandialogue notonly toestablish peace in Afghanistan but in theentire region as most of the regional countries desperately want peace process tostart.
On the other hand, political pundits say that as the Corona pandemic has badly affected the economies of the developed as well developing countries, the US will not be in a position to sustain war efforts inAfghanistan and is keenly interested to start the Intra afghan Dialogue to bring an end to the conflict.
As a matter of fact, Pakistan deserves a pat on the back to persuade Afghan leadership to release the Afghan prisoners (some have already released) to initiate dialogue. Meanwhile, AfghanTaliban have once again said that they would stand by the agreement with USA and do whatever possible to bring peace in the country as desired by the majority in Afghanistan.
In a nutshell, it seems that the Intra Afghan Dialogue is on the cards. At least, the latest developments indicate so. As simple as that.

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