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This event will be the big game changer for US and Pakistan IT Industry and create new business avenue for upcoming generation.
WANZ Tech is going to organize this event with the collaboration of OpenSV and Cocktail along with Support of Ministry of Science and Technology.
o Showcase Pakistan IT companies and start-ups in Silicon Valley
o Create business opportunities for start-ups and SME’s through networking and marketing
o Highlight investment opportunities in Pakistan
o Create fundraising opportunities or Startup’s.
o Showcase skilled human resource, development skills and managerial capacity to complete projects
This is the first time, when any Pakistani company organizing Tech Exhibition and event in Silicon Valley. All the Start Up, SMEs and Big Name is going to showcase their ideas and show their talent at the front of venture capital. We have done the MOU with different well-known public and private sectors like Universities and SMEs. We have also had detail working with Big Names and they will also part of this event. This will be the first time, when Pakistani companies directly pitching and table their ideas to the US companies without involvement of mediator.
We have a complete evaluation, shortlisting and recommendation process for all Startup and SMEs.
With the help of industry technology representatives and internal team, visited the following universities and perform the following tasks
o University of Karachi
o Iqra University
o Sir Syed University
a. Tasks
b. Share the purpose about exhibition
c. Meet up with VC and Chairman
d. Meet up with their SMEs
e. Evaluated Students projects, Select and Shortlist their final year projects (FYP)
f. Finalized the list of all interested departmental heads, VC and teachers
Also we are engaging with following Universities
1. Institute of Business Management
2. Usman Institute University
3. NED University of Science and Technology
We have full support from Sindh Higher Education Commission, and representative of Sindh Higher Education Commission
In the meantime we also met with Director General of Sindh Government Ministry for Science and Information Technology and invite Chief Minister along with their Secretary and Special Assistant.
WANZ tech also has taken several chambers of commerce and Industries on board, different chambers of commerce as MoU partner to support our events and send their members in Exhibitions and Conferences.
This event has a complete support of Ministry of Science and Technology and Special Technology Zone (STZ), Government of Pakistan. Invest in Pakistan and Pakistan Tech Expo will set 120 stalls in Santa Clara convention center. Allocated as following!
o 40 stalls for Start Ups and Universities
o 45 stalls for SMEs
o 15 stalls for Big Names
o 15 stalls for Trade
Trade delegation are also with us just to explore the Technology needs in their business. It will help them to increase their business productivity. This has also arranged sessions for KEY Note Speakers, they will share their experiences, success stories and industry needs.
All participants will also visit, where they can explore the Plug and Play, Google head office, Santa Clara University, Facebook Head office and much more…
i. The number of I.T companies in Pakistan has rapidly increased during Covid-19, from estimated 3,500 in 2019 to above 7,000 in 2022. This increase mainly attributes to growing reliance on digitalization of social, private, public and industrial life. 60% of work in Business Process Automation (BPO) which include development of apps, Website development, Mobile Applications development, E-Commerce, Hotel Restaurant management , Job Portals, Digital Marketing ‘etc are keeping our IT companies hugely occupied with Jobs outsourced from mostly American or to some extent by European or Australian companies.
ii. Technological innovations, complete product developments and investment in IT infrastructure in Pakistan are lacking. As a result, local IT sector is lacking in absorbing technology- trends of 4th Industrial Revolution. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) E-Learning, Digital Characters/Illustrations/Caricature, SaaS Application for Services and Education, SaaS Integration Platform (SIPs), FinTech, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Game Development.
iii. The access to new emerging technologies being employed by all US companies is possible only through effective interaction, meetings, face to face contacts to show the companies worth and capacity, availability of skilled manpower to handle the jobs. OR else to get trainings on spot.
iv. USA IT sector, with a size of US$ 4 trillion, is undoubtedly the world leader. Location of Technology Exhibition bears utmost importance as Silicon Valley located on south of San Francisco, California, is the U.S. epicenter for 2,000 innovative technology companies which has produced tech leaders like Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix , Cisco, Oracle,, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Adobe, Intuit, and Zynga’ s and launching pad of Tesla, Twitter, Yahoo and eBay.
v. Presently, there is tough competition between the global destinations having skilled professionals and sound IT infrastructure to get better market share of get IT jobs outflows of US Companies. Due to better market strategies, sound IT infrastructure, countries like India, China, Vietnam, Poland, Philippines, Ukraine not only attracted the US companies but ultimately upgraded IT structure to synchronize with technology trends and are now good at products innovations and developments.
vi. Pakistani youth is skilled, hardworking but is not provided with easy and accessible channels to reach out to US technology companies at their own.
a) Pakistani Startups, SMEs and other IT companies would make face to face contacts with American IT Companies/ Trade Visitors relevant to their your field of activity / Chamber representatives/ Consulate/ Santa Clara City administration/ Council Members/ US based Groups of expat Pakistani IT Professionals who would be very helpful towards business growth and Face to face contacts and better marketing opportunities may lead to get better market share of out sourced jobs.
b) The exhibitors would significant exposure to global tech market.
c) Exhibitors would learn and upgrade their operational areas to absorb wide range of Automation and monitoring systems , Network components and provisioning , data management systems, Blockchain,5G Networks, Automotive, Medicare, Digital Ethics & Privacy and last but not the least Gaming,Fast Digital Transformation, especially with cloud, everything-as-aservice (XaaS), and edge intelligence.
d) Some of the companies might consider options of mergers or expansion of businesses in USA market with new partners.

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