IPD Training Pleasant Memories

IPD Training Happy Memories

I believe that without memories there is no life, and that our memories should be pleasant and everlasting ones.”

It was 7th November, 2022 first day of my Initial Professional Development (Induction Training Program) for Primary School Teachers (PSTs), Phase II at Govt. Elementary College of Education (Men) Larkana. It was our 24 days IPD  training program. Firstly, I was thinking it might be an unyielding experience, I should get my name struck off from it. It might be like my previous typical attended IPD trainings because previously in my private sector experiences I had the privilege to participate in various national and international trainings. But this time it was a different and distinctive experience for me.

Being a Sindh University Jamshoro graduate, being a PST and being posted at my own village Haji Lal Bux Shailh, UC Bagi Talka Dokri, it has always been a matter of pride for me. That said, on the first day of training I got acquaint anted with training objectives and a host of new concepts about teaching and learning.

Our master trainers were Assistant Prof. Sir Muneer Ahmed Domki and IBA H.M Sir Javed Ali Halti. Getting to know people like my MTs and CPs was a great exposure for me. Among the five classes, and out of the total 130 course participants (CPs) the atmosphere of our class (3) was very congenial, amicable and constructive for learning. Everyone had a positive role to play in the class.

The IPD training sessions were replete with learning activities, role plays, thorough lectures where necessary but most of all CPs centered. We had great interactive communication in our training class. Let me also highlight here the enormous support of esteemed Principal of Govt. Elementary College of Education (Men) Larkana Prof. Sir Muhammad Nawaz Shaikh and the management of college they all were really considerate and caring throughout 24 days of the training. The honourable principal was specially concerned about all CPs. He had been kind to provide us well printed IPD training manuals, adequate refreshment and tea on daily basis.

In a nutshell, the following vital topics were covered by us in our IPD training. We profoundly learned “How do teachers play a role as facilitators”, “Reflection practise (Gibbs Model for Reflection), Teaching Portfolio”, “Teachers Personal Philosophy of Teaching and Job Description of Primary School Teacher (PSTs), educational Philosophies i.e. Essentialism, Perennialism,Progressivism,Existentialism,Behaviorism,Constructivism, Reconstructionism and other topics like “Students Role as Active Learners”,

The 21st Century Learning Framework and Skills”, “Role of school Education & Literacy Department and its Allied Institutions/Organizations and National Professional Standards for Teachers”, “Understanding National Curriculum Framework, Curriculum, Scheme of Studies and Syllabus”, ” Alignment of Curriculum with Textbooks”, “Child Development”, “Learning Domains & Assessment”, “Blooms Taxonomy and Types of Assessment”, “Child Development”, Student-Centred Pedagogies”, ” Student Learning Styles”, “Classroom Management”, “Lesson Planning”, “Integration of Technology to Teaching and Learning”, “Multigrade Teaching”, “Cross-Cutting /Emerging Themes”, “Micro Teaching and Practicum”.

Course participants were given full chance to participate in class. Presentations were made and delivered effectively by all of us. Beautiful and creative charts were made and activities were also performed. We all were given genuine platform to share our opinions and experiences and it was truly a great occurrence to be a part of that positive atmosphere. The training helped a lot in personal and professional development of the trainees.

Newly talented appointed PSTs are a new hope for our school education system, I actually thought before this training that PST is just a primary school teacher but now my thoughts are fully changed that we are playing a pivotal role in our literacy department and in this society too because we have a fresh young generation to teach and we are making their foundation strong. So, it is our responsibility to try our level best to bring a holistic change in our school system and to enlighten our children.

On the last day of the IPD training program farewell party was arranged and CPs celebrated Sindhi cultural day with great zeal and zest.

In the last not the least, I want to give credit to my all master trainers for giving such a positive and learning ambience. I also acknowledge I had learnt a lot of new things from all CPs. And special gratitude to my class 3 MTs Sir Muneer Ahmed Domki and Sir Javed Ali Halti for motivating and inspiriting me.

This piece of writing is the outcome of their stimulation specially, Sir Muneer Ahmed Domki. I sincerely appreciate their help. If a teacher’s motivation can make me pen down my thoughts then we teacher should keep this thing in mind that we can end up doing anything because we teachers are builders of nation.

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