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Iran always supports cause of Palestine and declares it openly, says Seyed Hossaini

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Iran in Pakistan, Seyed Mohammad Ali Hossaini on Tuesday said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been a supporter of the cause of Palestine and has openly declared it.
The Islamic Republic of Iran underscores the importance of the complete freedom of Palestine, as a pivotal issue of the Islamic World and has emphasized the necessity of confronting the occupation and expansionism of the Zionist regime, Iranian envoy said.
Ambassador of I.R. Iran ,Seyed Mohammad Ali Hossaini said this while addressing that seminar on the Occasion of ‘International Quds Day’ along with religious scholars and worthy speakers from different side jointly organized by the embassy of Iran and National Press Club (NPC) Islamabad.
He said that it invites all Muslims and free people all over the world to join the campaign of the International Quds Day.
Ambassador Hossaini said that Quds Day is a growing global campaign to condemn violence, massacre and discrimination, to assert the rights of the Palestinian people, and to defend the right to self-determination.
The Ambassador said that supporting the oppressed people of Palestine is not a short-term and tactical policy and not only rooted in religious beliefs, but most importantly, it has humanitarian aspects and a humanitarian duty based on objectives and nature of the Islamic Republic and its Constitution.
As expected, the heroic nation of Palestine has no expectations from the arrogant powers that support international Zionism, he said.
However, Islamic countries as well as international institutions that claim to protect human rights are expected to take appropriate and timely action against these chronic and continuous crimes and condemn this oppressive regime in words and deeds and to frustrate it from the continuation of these crimes.
He said that it is appropriate for the countries of the region and the world to avoid any action that causes this regime to become more arrogant that strengthens and encourages this regime to continue committing its crimes in the occupied Palestine.
He said the so-called peace plans that are presented and followed under different titles and under outdated excuses are not an action to result in the fulfillment of the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation and stop the crimes of the fake Israeli regime. Such plans encourage this usurper Regime to completely destroy the rights of the Palestinian people and destabilize the important and strategic region of West Asia.
Undoubtedly, Palestine is the first and the most important issue of the Islamic world.
Ambassador Hossaini said that although Al-Quds has special significance to Palestine and the Palestinian cause, but beyond that, it is the axis of unity and integration of the Islamic world. It is the day of unity of Muslim countries in fighting against oppression, massacre and occupation.
He said this day is an opportunity for the world to remember more than 70 years oppression of the displaced Palestinian nation and to renew the commitments regarding the formation of an independent Palestinian state based on the principle of self-determination
The Ambassador of Iran said that now “we are on the advent of the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, which was named as the International Quds Day with the initiative of Imam Khomeini (R.A), the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in 1979, simultaneously with the attacks of the apartheid regime and the Zionist usurper in the Southern Lebanon.”
Therefore, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan is one of the symbols of unity among the Muslims all over the world, which is known as the International Quds Day, during which, support is extended to the oppressed Palestinian nation and the Palestinian cause every year, he said.
He said this is commemorated by most of the Muslim countries and free thinkers around the world.
The Ambassador said that one of the reasons of the failure of the solutions of the Palestinian issue is that all proposed solutions have been unilateral, inequitable, and biased.
The Islamic Republic of Iran has presented a democratic and fair plan to solve the Palestinian crisis, entitled “Holding a national referendum in Palestine,” which is submitted and registered in the United Nations Secretariat, he said.
In this plan, the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homeland and holding a referendum to determine the future and the type of the political system in Palestine, are regarded to be the most effective solution to this conflict, he added.
Based on this plan, Muslims, Jews and Christians of Palestinian origin can choose their own legal system and enjoy their rights freely and equally.
He said the plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been compiled and presented based on the principles of democracy and international law accepted by all the governments and nations.
This plan is a good alternative to the failed and destabilizing plans such as the deal of the century and the Abraham Accords.
The Ambassador Until the time this important goal is archived, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers its duty to support the resistance of the Palestinian people against this fake regime as much as possible and support them to achieve their legitimate and legal rights.
He said that Iran considers the basic and vital principle of resistance to be the only way to win and to completely liberate the land of Palestine from the hands of the Zionist demons.
While commemorating Quds Day and reiterating the need for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state based upon the proposed plan, I announce that Iran and Pakistan are committed to protect Palestinian rights and the two brotherly countries share a close position on the issue of Palestine and Quds, he said.
Meanwhile addressing the seminar religious scholar and Chairman Sach Tv,Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi said that Muslim need unity to protect their right of freedom and Palestine issue only resolved through collective stance of Muslim countries.
He said that Palestine and Kashmir are the two issues of the Muslim worlds which need to resolve.
On the occasion, President National Press Club (NPC) Islamabad, Anwar Raza said that strong diplomatic efforts need for resolve the Palestinian issue and protect their right self-determination.
He said that Unity and collective efforts required for liberation of Palestinian people.
Senior Journalist and Anchor Person Ali Raza said on the occasion that right of the self-determination is the basic right of every nation including Palestinian.
He said that Israel state terrorism and brutalities against Palestinian are against the International law and United Nation declaration of human right. – APP

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