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Iran & Pakistan: The great game

Recent missile attack by Iran on alleged terrorist hide outs in Pakistan’s territory by violating our air space deserves highest condemnation. There was no justification for this blatant uncalled for unjust attack in Pakistan territory. If there was some problem, Iran should have shared it with Pakistan. There were many other channels to sort out the issue but worst option has been exercised for which there was no justification at all. Their attack resulted in the death of two innocent children besides injuring three persons. Pakistan has responded to the violation of its air space by Iran with targeted hit on terrorists hide outs with in the Iranian border. Pakistan armed forces deserve great appreciation on this retaliatory action and nation feels proud of their immediate response. Question arises as to why Iran being our immediate neighbor and Muslim country violated our air space instead following diplomatic channels to share intelligence followed the worst course of action. In fact this has to be viewed in the context of new world order.Lord Paston about 150 years ago has said that there are no permanent friends and permanent enemies it is their self-interest that matters. While response was required for sure. We need to be vary of the hidden game. It looks plan of great game 2024 sequel is to cool our Eastern border and heat up our western borders. Targets would be CPEC and further division amongst Muslim countries. Pakistan had no choice except to give Iran immediate response that has been executed in excellent manner as happened in case of Abhi Nandan. But at the same time we have to be very careful and should not get trapped in the bigger game which US is planning and slowly moving in that direction. Undoubtedly terrorists outfits exist on both sides therefore the best course of action is to go for nonmilitary actions and tough negotiations from position of strength and proper discussions to reach to an agreement beneficial to both the countries. Pakistan is nearer to Iranian border and is vulnerable to ISIS incursion from Afghanistan and Iran possibly in to Pakistan.
I will not be surprised if Pakistan is used against Iran like Ukraine was used against Russia. American Iranian war will be fought from the land of Pakistan which America has always wanted. India will be used to keep adding fuel in Iran Pakistan conflict till an all-out war breaks out the danger of third world being much talked about. Exactly like the comedian president of Ukraine. The main stream media and paid agents in collaboration of enemies of Pakistan shall be working and advocating on strong agenda of retaliation that must be guarded. This simply reflects the rollover of grand game therefore wisdom must prevail on both sides to be careful and watchful to avoid any type of confrontation, sit across the table and resolve the issue and avoid falling in trap of great game being played by US. China has offered its mediation and that should be accepted immediately by both the countries. China has already brought Iran and KSA closer to each other and Pakistan being friendly to China must grab this opportunity before this incident is escalated. As I was closing the article a great news from both countries that Iran and Pakistan have agreed to de-escalate due to efforts of China, Turky and Russia. Sometimes friends also differ due to misunderstandings but Muslim countries specially neighbors must stay united.