Is your consciousness dead?

Kashmir the place which is famous all over the world for its beauty, pleasant weather, water bodies, springs, lush green mountains, meadows, its handicrafts, its inhabitants for their calm and hospitable behaviour towards all irrespective of cast, creed, color, region and religion. For its uniqueness it is called as paradise on earth. But this paradise has now totally converted into hell for its inhabitants particularly from the last three decades.
The wrong policies of both the central and state governments have turned this beautiful land into a barren land. India and Pakistan got independence and emerge as independent states on the world map but the irony with us is that we caught in between the two.
Kashmir issue is the oldest and unresolved issue on the UN charter. There are at least eighteen resolutions passed by the United Nations from time to time during the last seventy years to settle this issue as per the wishes and aspirations of its people. But the lack of seriousness and interest to resolve this issue make it more complicated and nuclear plash point between India and Pakistan which will engulf whole of the South Asia.
A common Kashmiri have no expectation from the politicians both of central and state government because they are always busy in vote bank politics who instead of strengthen the economy and democracy have eroded and weaken the very survival of this country. We have expectations from you the common masses to feel our pain which we are going through on daily basis. How can you be at peace when we are being humiliated, beaten, abused, and killed? You enjoyed your life with dignity and honor while we are butchered and humiliated on roads. How can you people turn a blind eye with deaf ears when you claim us to be your integral part? You enjoyed high speed internet to surf the internet ours have snatched every now and then sometimes for months and weeks together.
Kashmir is the world’s largest militarized zone. We live on that piece of land where we fear to venture out after evenings due to the military presence on every nook and corner of the state. The new low of this is the recent order of highway ban for two days in a week for the movement of the civilian traffic. How would you feel when the roads of your own states been banned for your very own movement for particular days and particular time. When your loved one fell ill and the ambulance in which you and your loved one are travelling towards hospital being stopped by the security forces. This ban order is the same as was implemented by the Nazi party in the year 1930s Germany which prohibited Jews to walk on roads on particular days and time. How you feel then? How would you feel then when someone enters your home who claim to be the security forces start thrashing you and your parents, broke windowpanes, damage your parked vehicle in your lawn, misbehaves with your mother and sisters, and when leaving your home abuse you. And later when you try to protest for all this done to you their boss refused and rejected your claims that our men are involved in any such type of incident. How would you feel then and what would be your reaction thereafter.
Kashmir issue is raised up by the politicians mostly during the election rallies to befool the general masses to gain their sympathy and vote. They told you that we well crush them with our huge military power but you never question them how many are fighting there with weapons in their hands and who are those young lads, and why did they choose this path, why they prefer death over life. As per the data available with the defense sources there are only three hundred boys with rusted Ak47 in their hands fighting world’s third largest army. Aren’t those young boys your very own people, if yes then why you celebrate their deaths?
Those who pick up the arms know very well their fate. They don’t do it out of some material benefits or for few bucks of money. You have to think on that and question the central government why since the last seventy years you can’t even win the hearts of Kashmir’s. Those young boys too have expectations same like you, they too have families, parents, like you, they too have responsibilities, duties, hopes and dreams like you so why these young boys prefer death over life.
Your silence is responsible to a great extent for our misers. If you really believe in humanity and human values then confront your leaders for our miseries. Our death and destruction and your silence plus your callous attitude is the death of your consciousness and the Democracy which you claims to be.

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