ISI, a symbol of pride for Pakistan


ISI is considered to be the best ranking or number 1 intelligence agency of the world due to its organized system, efficiency, zealous role, farsighted approach, high professional skills, safeguarding national interests regarding surveillance and in time information. ISI, indeed is a central organ of Pakistan military machine that played major role as the front line of defence for the country. ISI, like all other intelligence agencies of the world is supposed to serve against possible internal and external threats. The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) act as basic mechanism like eyes and ears for the state by protecting national interests of the state and its masses. ISI never gets involved with the internal matters of the country. Ironically, the anti-state elements (paid touts) and different agencies of the world like Mossad, CIA, and MI5, RAW etc. always try to malign ISI under their nefarious designs. ISI acts smartly & like super natural force to foil the subversive activities and designs of enemy agencies and elements within the country and across the world which makes rival countries scream loudly to bash ISI through heinous blame game.
Winning the war of terrorism in Afghanistan is just a recent achievement attributed to ISI for its clear vision and resolve to crush evil designs of the enemies all over the globe. I can vividly recall the words of ex-ISI chief late Hameed Gul that “When history of the world is written, it will be stated that the ISI defeated the Soviet Union in Afghanistan with the help of America. Then there will be another sentence. The ISI, with the help of America, defeated America. “The evacuation of foreign forces from Afghanistan after 20 years legitimize his words. ISI professionally too sound with its farsighted planning to make Pakistan more secure and protected from the intrigues & conspiracies of global spying networks and the rival forces which otherwise leave no stone unturned to harm Pakistan’s national interests. Without any shadow of doubt protection of the national interests of Pakistan is the primary objective of this premium Pakistani organization. Soon after 9/11 attacks when Pakistan became the partner on global war of terrorism, ISI successfully unearthed and destroyed different networks of terrorism in last two decades very efficiently, which the enemies of Pakistan have established to destabilize and weaken the state, its institutions and Pakistani society with the help, funding and aid from the neighboring countries like India and Afghanistan.
Pakistan Army with the help of ISI launched two successful operations in the country ZARB-E-AZB and RADUL-UL-FASAD to eradicate the abettors, sponsors, supporters, financers and sympathizers of terrorism, extremism and radicalization both within country and its frontiers. ISI successfully debauched all hostile spying networks and their huge infrastructure. Without ISI, it was next to impossible to deal with highly sophisticated and well-knitted international and regional spying networks. Kulbushan Yadav an Indian retired navy officer was involved in pestiferous activities in the Baluchistan province of Pakistan and spying for India’s intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing RAW. Pakistan security forces on ISI information arrested Jadhav on March 3, 2016 for spying in the Baluchistan and Inciting the terror activities on the order of the Intelligence Agency; RAW. Indeed, the rival international and regional spying networks forces have been operating from the soil of neighboring states much before the incident of 9/11 to destabilize and weaken Pakistan. Pakistan paid a heavy price for being an ally of war of terror, in fact this war was imposed upon the country to devastate and disintegrate Pakistan so that chaos among the masses could be created to incite violence and frustration. India since inception plotting to disintegrate Pakistan along ethnic lines and that Afghanistan’s soil was being used by NDS and RAW as the launching pad for anti-state insurgencies in Pakistan’s Karachi, Baluchistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regions. Pakistan due to ISI & its armed forces sacrifices and efforts had successfully fought terrorism and was in the process of eradicating the residual threat through Operation Raddul Fasaad, which is totally intelligence based operation and has destroyed the sleeper cells of terrorist’s financial basis of extremism, terrorism and radicalization. . Pakistan is a victim of cycles of regional unrest and conflict, exacerbated by the interventions of foreign powers which undue advantage is always taken by rival state and agency India and RAW. Pakistan has suffered all of these 40 years. Pakistan is a peace-loving country and wanted stability in the region and its neighborhood especially in Afghanistan while the RAW along with NDS was sabotaging the peace both in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Indian media bashing ISI to turn Afghanistan into a “graveyard of two super powers”. India’s big worry is that stability in Afghanistan could weaken its grip into its illegal occupied Indian held Jammu and Kashmir valley and masses over there could also get rid of the clutches and shackles of Indian barbarism. The presence of Indian RAW agents during withdrawal of US forces from Bagram air base raises many questions and off course under such fishy international political scenario ISI can’t play the deaf and dumb role regarding its duty of safeguarding the national interests of Pakistan across the world. ISI always diligently plays a decisive role to counter the regional and international conspiracies against Pakistan. As a matter of fact the premium Pakistan spying network proudly thwarts the anti-Pakistan activities of regional and international spying networks which operates from all around the world. ISI, through its untiring efforts have built and enhanced Pakistan’s image across the world. The hostile countries and its agencies cannot carry along their malicious designs against Pakistan in the presence of ISI which proudly has become a symbol of deterrence to anti-Pakistan elements both within the country and across the world.
Our national struggle against terrorism had largely been successful due to the outstanding contribution of the ISI timely information and access to targets. ISI, over all looks after the national interests of the state, apart from supporting the defence forces of Pakistan on the issue of national security and strategy. Ironically few anti-state elements along with rival powers of Pakistan are trying to tarnish the vibrant and brilliant image of ISI. Since, direct attack on ISI is not possible thus anti-Pakistan forces, owing to their failures within and outside the country lobbying defaming campaigns against the premium intelligence agency to cause harm to it by all means. Through orchestrated campaign the so called studious intellectuals, media persons, religious and political elements are approached and lured via different surreptitious means to mislead the masses by generating anti- ISI narrative through their write ups, speeches, sermons, tweets and statements so as to misguide people & create confusion and chaos among them. The rival spying networks under vicious motives approach dissent and traitor elements of the country to mobilize an environment through provocative and misleading facts and figures to help develop anti-ISI and anti-defence forces narrative. Such perceptions are deliberately constructed against its defence forces and its premium spying network. These all aim at weakening the impregnable defence and security of the State of Pakistan. The political parties, the social and religious groups and media houses are being used against the national institution of Pakistan. These indirect strategies are part of fifth-generation warfare or hybrid warfare and India is engaged in massive fifth generation warfare to obstruct Pakistan’s prosperity especially by targeting China-Pakistan Economic corridor CPEC.
Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and military’s media wing, the Inter services Public Relations (ISPR) director Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar keep guiding the Pakistani youth by unleashing enemies nefarious designs against Pakistan..
As a nation, let’s not be carried away by the malicious designs of rival forces of Pakistan.
The dilemma of Pakistan is that only here we find examples of bashing our own institutes which is unprecedented all over the world. There is a need to comprehend that ISI is the guarantor for the integrity of Pakistan. ISI could not be sapped despite hybrid warfare and decades long intrigues of Pakistan’s adversarial forces. It’s a time for our nation to get united as Pakistan having a very promising future under incumbent international political scenario both socially and economically. Indeed, many anti-Pakistan states are about to wipe off from the map of the world. Let’s join hands to strengthen our national narrative, our national defence institutes and our ISI, never indulge in the unholy task of maligning our divine institutes and our motherland. Be a right hand to your defence forces and its premium intelligence agency, the ISI to foil the nefarious motives of your rival countries.
Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Armed Forces and ISI Paindabad.
Long Live Pakistan, Long Live Pakistan Armed Forces and ISI.

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