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Israel’s war fanaticism: The criminal silence of the United Nations

The recent war imposed by Israel on Palestine and the shameful incidents of the genocide of Palestinians have broken all records of loss of life and property in past wars. The New York Times report said that “Israel has carried out the fastest massacre of Palestinians in history in Gaza.” The rate at which Israeli soldiers have killed more people in 100 days is higher than the 20-year war in Afghanistan. The Palestinian martyrdom in Gaza is higher than the 2-year death toll in the Ukraine war. Mark Garlasco, a former senior intelligence analyst at the Pentagon, said: “I have never seen such a large bombing in such a small area in my career.” If we look for historical comparisons, we have to go back to Vietnam or World War II. According to an independent British research group, about 7,700 civilians were killed by US forces and allies in the first year of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In comparison, in less than two months, Zionist forces have killed more women and children in Gaza.
It should be noted that since October 7, 2023, 23,800 Palestinians have been martyred, and more than 60,000 injured as a result of the Israeli bombing of Gaza. Constant Israeli airstrikes have reduced Gaza to rubble, with more than 70 percent of its infrastructure destroyed. About 2 million residents were displaced. The death rate during Israel’s attacks is unprecedented. Gaza is killing people faster than the deadliest attacks led by the US and its allies in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. How many innocent Palestinians will be martyred by the end of this war? This cannot be predicted, but it can be said with certainty that Israel wants to turn the Gaza Strip into a Palestinian graveyard in its war frenzy.
Speaking on the occasion of the International Day of Resistance organized by the Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Consul General Hassan Nooryan said that “In three months, the Israeli army has martyred 9 thousand innocent children, more than 5 thousand women, and 106 journalists.” So far, the number of martyrs in Gaza has reached 24 thousand. 70% of the dead are women and children under 18 years of age. So far, 335,000 houses and 218 hospitals have been destroyed by Israeli bombing. The Israeli army has targeted mosques, churches, and archaeological sites in the Gaza Strip to erase religious and cultural signs. According to reports so far, the occupying army has destroyed 380 mosques, and 3 Churches have been destroyed. Consul General Hasan Nooryan said that while condemning the silence of the so-called human rights leaders on Israel’s cruelty and brutality in Gaza, he said that the path taken by martyred Qassem Soleimani in comparison to the world’s arrogant powers is the path of millions of oppressed people. With the blessing of the blood of the Palestinian martyrs, Israel will be destroyed.”
While the President of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, has declared Israel and its supporters responsible for instability in the region. He said that Iran supports the legitimate defense of the Palestinian nation. “Israel and its supporters are responsible for destroying the security of the countries in the region, and they should be held guilty in this matter.” Iran’s Foreign Minister has said, taking a categorical position, that “the United States is also guilty by supporting Israel in the war against Gaza; therefore, along with Israel’s military, security, and political authorities, in these crimes, they should be prosecuted for complicity.” The Israeli army has targeted innocent civilians while trampling the rules of war and international laws. The silence of the United States and Western countries on the killing of innocent citizens has exposed the hideous face of the so-called civilized countries, leading human rights organizations.
The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution by a majority, demanding the implementation of an immediate “humanitarian ceasefire” in Gaza. Despite this, Israel’s attacks continue in Gaza today. On the one hand, there is the criminal silence of the Islamic countries; on the other hand, the leaders of the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom are fully supporting Israel. Why should anyone complain to foreigners that despite being of the same race and religion, Egypt has closed its borders to the oppressed Muslims of Gaza? On the one hand, Palestine is bathed in fire and blood, and on the other hand, the criminal silence of the international community has shamed humanity. The international community is showing indifference and shamelessness on the massacre and genocide of Palestinians, and the United Nations is mourning its helplessness. The behavior of Muslim countries and their leaders is very sad.
It is a shame for Islamic countries that South Africa has filed a case against Israel in the International Court of Justice. He has taken the position that “Israel is causing irreparable damage to the lives, property and dignity of the Palestinian people every day. Israel’s plan to ‘destroy’ Gaza came from the ‘highest authorities of the state’.” On the other hand, non-Muslim players are not only supporting Palestine but also giving millions of dollars in aid. While Islamic countries are avoiding any practical action against Israel.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared the establishment of an independent Palestinian state as the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He said, “The two-state solution is the only way for regional peace. The establishment of an independent Palestinian state with the capital city of Beit al-Maqdis is now the need of the hour.” Permanent peace in Palestine will be established only when Palestine does not get freedom and autonomy. Palestine will continue to fight its war until the establishment of an independent state. Hamas gained independence with the blood of its loved ones, which has changed the direction of world politics. Until a few months ago, the Arab countries were planning to recognize Israel and were planning to increase diplomatic relations and business contacts with it, but thanks to the timely action of Hamas and the historic sacrifices of the Palestinians, the Arab world, in particular, has been forced to think. The Palestinians have repeatedly exposed the face of Israel by giving 24 thousand lives. This is its success. The Israeli army, which thought itself invincible, has been crushed by a few hundred freedom fighters.
The story of the martyrdom and displacement of Palestinians is not very old; today, Palestinians have been fighting the barbaric atrocities of the Israeli state for the past 75 years. The libertarians of Hamas have faced Israel’s war frenzy and brutality with fearlessness, courage, and bravery. The Palestinians, full of great courage, are neither tired nor yielding. Despite all kinds of cruelty and brutality, their determination and morale are as strong as rocks; despite lifting the bodies of their loved ones, their morale did not drop. Despite the nuclear power, the world’s biggest military power, brutality, and brutality, the Zionist power could not subdue their courage.