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It’s all about establishment

Pakistan is facing the worst situation in its history. Things are changing very quickly and dramatically over the last few days after the general election of 2024. First of all, we faced a severe crisis of elections. This caretaker government proved to be the longest in the history of Pakistan. There was a strong perception in the country that PTI would gain a two-third majority in the National Assembly following the anti-establishment attitude of Imran Khan.
Late though, elections commenced on the 8th of February. But yet after a full week, still there is uncertainty about the results by the Election Commission Pakistan. At the time, one party is winning but surprisingly results change overnight very dramatically. Yet a week has passed, still, the country is in search of its future prime minister.
Democracy is the real need of this country but it was never about democratic and elective people. It’s All about Establishment. The nation is not being allowed to elect its true representatives despite the election. Deliberately such people are announced as winners who are truly in favor of the establishment. Our all mainstream political parties always have some type of deal with the establishment.
Back in 2018, Imran Khan became prime minister which was deliberately launched by the establishment. Over his tenure, he defends the establishment and trying to convince the public that General Bajwa is the most neutral general I have ever seen but soon after the no-confidence motion, he argues that laterally all the power belongs to General Bajwa. I have no powers regarding state decisions. Such statements from the prime minister of a country question the democratic system of the country.
Recently the JUI (F) leader, Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahman has revealed that the no-confidence motion is brought at the behest of General Bajwa and General Faiz Hameed as they wanted to get rid of Imran Khan. He also reveals that all political parties are involved in this matter directly or indirectly except Jamaat-i-Islami as they argue that this will only cause political unrest and instability in the country and unfortunately they were right. It means that all our political parties and leaders are just puppets of the establishment that are driven in the directions they want.
In the start, I said that such people are announced as winners who are not anti-establishment in any sense. Hafiz Naeemur Rahman of JI was deliberately defeated on its NA seat as he is very anti-establishment and in return, he was declared winner on PS-129 unfairly. But he refused to take the seat by arguing that this seat was won by PTI supported independent candidate. I wanted that seat in NA which I had won according to Form 45 but ECP declared me the runner. This is a very strong slap on ECP and establishment. One would think that how this can happen that 13 lakh voters JI in Karachi have lost very badly and 2 lakh voters of notorious MQM have been declared winners.
An incriminating confession by the commissioner of Rawalpindi reveals that I have pressurized to manipulate the election results of at least 13 National Assembly seats in Rawalpindi Division alone. He also says that the ECP, Chief Justice and some other officials are involved in this matter. This shows that it is all about the establishment and its allies. The commissioners of all big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar etc. requested to come with a bold statement about the results of their respective circles and names the people that pressurized them to change the results otherwise this nation will never forgive them too.
Lastly, I want to say that all this is just the race of the feeder. In 2018, the feeder was in PTI’s mouth. But soon after three years when the feeder is pulled off their mouth, they start crying just like a baby cries. Establishments support those who support them in thick and thin while the antis are thrown out of the race.
It’s high time, for the sake of the country’s perception as well as political and economic stability, to reflect and correct our course, and respect the people’s will by declaring results as per Form 45 and respecting the mandates of every party. Otherwise, we are not far away from the 1971 accident.