Japan CG organizes briefing & workshop on grant assistance

KARACHI: The Consulate General of Japan in Karachi organized a briefing and workshop session at IBA University, here Tuesday. The purpose of the event was to inform local NGOs and governmental bodies of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Program. Since 1989, the Government of Japan under the GGP program has supported more than 380 projects in varying sectors such as primary health, basic education, agriculture, vocational training, special education and infrastructure development in Pakistan, with a contribution of more than 2.8 billion Japanese Yen [USD 26 million], says a Press release.
Around 50 representatives from NGOs across the country participated in today’s briefing. The session was aimed at providing an in-depth explanation of the GGP program to interested actors, as well as sharing important points for submission of an effective application. The Consulate General of Japan, in tandem with the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan, also conducted a workshop based on case studies of previous GGP applications, so as to provide participants with real-world working examples of projects and furthermore highlight common projects hurdles and best-case practices.
Keynote speakers from the Embassy, the Consulate and also NGOs who had successfully applied for GGP further clarified what is required to ensure a sustainable project that properly benefits underprivileged communities.
The GGP program is heralded for its flexibility provision of timely support to NGOs. During the session, participants from NGOs and other organizations received clarity regarding grant selection criteria, the potential of human security and development projects, as well as nuances pertaining to GGP’s mechanism of funding.
In his opening remarks, Toshikazu Isomura, Consul-General, expressed his hope that the event will help NGOs better understand the purpose of the GGP program and design quality proposals to secure financial assistance from the Government of Japan. He added that the projects being implemented under the GGP grant will further strengthen the existing friendly relations between the people of Japan and Pakistan.

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