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Japan signs contract to grant HIWT for thalassemia project

KARACHI: The Government of Japan extended a grant to Help International Welfare Trust (HIWT) for “The Project for the Development of Blood Transfusion and Intensive Care System at Thalassemia Care Centre in Karachi” under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), says a Press release.
The grant contract was signed Tuesday between the Consul-General of Japan, Hattori Masaru and Founder CEO, Syed Muhammad Arif Rauf.
The grant has been provided by the government and people of Japan for the procurement of medical equipment for the blood bank and intensive care unit (ICU) of the HIWT thalassemia care centre.
The HIWT was established in 1994 and has been providing free thalassemia treatment and care in Karachi since 2012, with a focus on the under-privileged. Their patients come not only from Karachi, but also from the interior Sindh and Balochistan including the areas affected by the 2022 floods. Although the awareness of thalassemia has increased in recent years, the availability of blood for transfusion and the improvement of intensive care units are urgent issues.
Speaking on the occasion, Consul-General Hattori expressed his appreciation for the work being undertaken by organizations such as Help International Welfare Trust for the fulfillment of healthcare sector initiatives for vulnerable thalassemia patients in Pakistan. He hopes that grants for such projects serve the people of Pakistan for many years to come.
The CEO of Help International Welfare Trust, Rauf echoed the Consul-General’s sentiments and personally extended gratitude on behalf of the philanthropic community in Pakistan to the people of Japan for their continued support and friendship in an effort to improve the lives of Pakistan’s most vulnerable.
The GGP is a grant from the government and people of Japan for development projects aimed at improving human security at the grassroots level. The grant provides timely support to local NGOs and directly benefits the local people of Pakistan. It is expected that this support will further strengthen the bonds of friendship between Japan and Pakistan.
Japan has funded more than 400 projects in Pakistan under the GGP programme since 1989, and this is the 30th GGP project implemented by the Consulate General of Japan in Karachi since 2009.