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Journalists Panel sweeps National Press Club elections

ISLAMABAD: Journalists Panel once again swept into power by clinching all the executive seats of National Press Club in the elections for the year 2024-25, held Thursday, says a Press release.
According to the results announced by the Election Committee, the presidential candidate of the Journalist Panel, Azhar Jatoi, secured victory by obtaining 1038 votes. His rivals Shakeel Qarar received 478 votes, Farooq Faisal Khan got 390 votes, and Sagheer Chaudhry obtained 171 votes.
For the position of the Secretary, Nayyer Ali pulled off win by securing 988 votes. Her rivals Dr. Saadia Kamal ended second with 555 votes, while Dr Furqan Rao finished third, securing 473 votes. Sardar Hafeez managed to secure 50 votes.
Meanwhile, Waqar Abbasi won the position of Finance Secretary by acquiring 914 votes.
For the three positions of Vice Presidents, Ehtisham ul Haq received 1043 votes, Syed Zafar Hussain Hashmi obtained 858 votes and Shah Mohammed got 792 votes.
For the Vice President position for Women, Sahar Aslam triumphed by getting 1023 votes. Her closest competitor Shabana Saba Bajeer got 333 votes.
For the three seats of Joint Secretary, Aun Shirazi attained victory by receiving 943 votes, Javaid Baghat secured 933 votes and Syed Talat Farooq got 913 votes.
For the one seat of Joint Secretary for Women, Sehrish Qureshi got the victory with 1084 votes. Her closest rival Farhat Fatima received 340 votes.
In total, 2,134 votes were cast in the National Press Club elections. The announcement of the winners of the Governing Body of the Press Club will be made on today (Saturday). As many as 114 candidates participated in the elections.