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Kamran Tessori : The first Awami governor of Sindh

Very few governors have come to Sindh who have achieved success so quickly. The powers vested in the governor in a parliamentary democratic government are very limited, but the current Governor of Sindh, Kamran Khan Tessori, has gained popularity among the people due to his competence, foresight, patience, and mild temperament despite having limited powers. Due to his competence, he has gained popularity among the people. He has endeared himself to the people due to his competence. He wants to do a lot for the welfare of the province’s people, but the limitations of powers hinder his path.
Kamran Khan Tessori embodies truthfulness and pragmatism, and looking at his short tenure, it can be said that for the progress and prosperity of Sindh, the role of the Governor of Sindh is commendable. The way he has worked tirelessly day and night during this inflationary period for the poor and middle-class of the province, with honesty, integrity, and dedication, has earned him popularity among the people.
He has fostered the concept of a public governor among the people; he is the epitome of truthfulness and pragmatism. He has rung the bell of justice in the Governor House so that anyone can approach the governor for the resolution of their issues, while during the month of Ramadan, in this era of inflation, thousands of people gather daily at the Governor House for Iftar, instilling confidence in them that they are the guests of the Governor House. In addition, in the field of IT, hundreds of young people are being trained to make them employable, and they have become capable of earning thousands of rupees monthly. Governor Sindh, who is working for the betterment of the people, has played a significant role in uniting political parties before and after the recent elections, which will be remembered in Sindh’s history.
They have the ability to take people from all walks of life together. The manner in which they have represented Sindh cannot be matched. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the current governor has set an example of good governance at a young age, for which they deserve praise. They have a balanced temperament, they are kind-hearted, and they possess qualities, competence, and good humor in abundance. Their strong decision-making ability and vivacity have won the hearts of the people. They have been bestowed with the ability to work tirelessly and their determination has elevated them to a higher position. In the past, the staff at the Governor House had to work for a few hours, but the current governor, by working day and night himself, has instilled a sense of work ethic in the staff, transforming the Governor House.
The staff, ranging from financial to operational, including senior officers, work day and night, among them the press secretary of Governor Sindh, Director-General Sindh Information Muhammad Saleem Khan, who provide media with news about the governor’s programs and performance day and night. They stay connected with the media 24 hours a day and are extremely cooperative and pleasant individuals. Governor Sindh says that all work is done smoothly through teamwork; this is because Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori has guided the staff step by step. This benefits in ensuring that the needs of the needy outside the Governor House are addressed, and they continue to receive responses. Then the entire staff, including kitchen and waiters, strive to serve guests with enthusiasm and serve humanity with joy. Governor Sindh is working to make the nation enlightened, progressive, and development-oriented, striving for better social indicators, full employment, access to education, and the eradication of poverty. Governor Sindh’s great enthusiasm has made even the biggest task seem easy for them. They have a clear vision within them, which is why they guide others and have a passion for the welfare of others. All these abilities are present within them by the grace and favor of Allah. Their excellent management skills have shattered the spirits of those who used to show negativity towards the province’s progress. Today, due to the good governors of Sindh, Sindh is perceived as a popular province at the international level as a peaceful and prosperous area in the eyes of the people of other provinces.
I hope that Governor Sindh has taken many prayers of his parents, and now he is combining the prayers of the people. This is why they are becoming a means of delivering rations to millions of people. This position is achieved by very few people, that they are not only gaining the pleasure of Allah but also taking the prayers of the people, it seems this is the secret of their progress. Perhaps this progress will not stop here but will also lead them to the highest positions in the country. The time will come when people will see that the efforts of Governor Sindh’s daily endeavors will reach the people further. The people of Sindh present their tribute to his noble intentions.
O Lord, may this sun always remain bright,
May His benevolence shine on this earth forever.