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Rigging that broke all the records now way forward

Much awaited general elections are over. This election of 8 Feb 2024 shall always be remembered as most rigged elections in the history of Pakistan as compared to elections held in 1970 remembered as most fair free and transparent elections, but unfortunately the most popular party Awami League was denied the right to form the government it resulted in the dismemberment of the country and East Pakistan became an independent sovereign state now called Bangladesh. Rigging is very common in elections all over the world specially in under developed countries at smaller scale at isolated polling stations but never in best contested elections. All previous elections carry stigma of rigging therefore rigging was expected .This year rigging surpassed all the previous elections thus making it most controversial, The election commission in spite of tall claims of holding free and fair elections fell flat because the most popular party PTI had to undergo a very tough exercise because they could not use their symbol of Bat and the candidates were forced to contest elections as independent candidates, they were allotted different symbols to confuse the voters, in nut shell they fought elections under most difficult conditions as witnessed by the world over. In some cases, even winners were shocked to see the results in their favor. The assessment made by anchors, think tanks and media and all the agencies proved wrong and independents (Defunct PTI) emerged as leading party then suddenly the system came in to action that has been fully displayed in social media the losers became winners. It is strange that media played the tune set by ECP. Credibility of ECP has been damaged beyond repair. This election brought the entire nation on one page in spite of many hurdles created against independents from A to Z voted freely thus shattered the myth that the party is over. We have seen how PTI intra party elections were declared invalid, whereas PPP and PML N intra party elections were accepted because this time the workers have been given preference over dynastic politics. These are the violations for which ECP has to answer these questions. The greatest advantage of this election has been that people have spoken much to the discomfort of powers that matter and they have given their verdict a change that ruling elite cannot ignore.Now the governments have been installed in the uproar of rigging therefore what they need is legitimacy that may affect the governance. Majority of the members are aware how they were declared successful, many are seen hiding their faces.
Now let us forget the election results amid such massive irregularities it will be difficult to have smooth sailing. Let ECP and courts handle the issue. Pakistan is in deep financial crisis and any small mistake and mishandling shall only bring disaster. It is time to concentrate on economic difficulties. PM should take nation in to confidence and set out priorities instead wasting time in criticizing opposition whose role is otherwise to criticize.
All parties must sit together and work on doing away existing system of running the country and introduce political reforms to get rid of dynastic politics. Admission of facts is always best option for moving forward. Today Pakistan is under extreme pressure from IMF due to external debts besides higher interest rates very low export causing trade deficit, increased imports, defective education system and time consuming expensive justice system. With all these negative indicators which are documented we are in deep financial crisis. Realization is missing, imagine the expenditure incurred on protocol by legislators or rulers. A proper strategy is needed where all the political parties must sit together and work on reforms in all the sectors. Borrowing is not the solution to our problems because these borrowing is mainly to pay back interests on debts, some harsh decisions are to be taken and must be taken before we collapse. This is perhaps first time in the history of Pakistan where establishment is giving full support to government in controlling expenditure and helping through Special Investment Facilitation Council with sole objective to entice foreign investment and stimulate the nation’s economic growth. The only way forward lies in united stand by all the political parties on matters of national issues. The president of largest bank has been appointed as Finance Minister let us hope he brings Pakistan on sound financial position and pulls out country from financial crisis