Karachi – a tale of an ungoverned city

As a matter of fact, Karachi the city of Quaid and it’s people have suffered a lot by its own people as well as because of the people who do not owe it . This city has been burnt by the fire and agony of hatred, prejudice, nepotism and injustice.
Karachi became the capital city after the inception of Pakistan due to its unique geographical as well as commercial significance. Despite the influx of refugees and new administrative setup, the condition of Karachi was better than how it turned out later on. The planning of North Nazimabad, Federal B Area and Nazimabad was excellent. For example, in New Karachi, Korangi, Saudabad and Malir, in the Federal B Area, the cord area was covered and in the Green Belt, the ratio was about 60-40. Sadly, due to unplanned urbanization, the city turned into a concrete jungle of flats created on the Green Belt and nullahs.
Scheme33, the development of Taiser Town has not been completed till date. Money was taken from the people but possession was not provided to the owners.
Karachi’s initial planning was very good. Huge spaces used to be allocated to the hospitals, playgrounds and educational institutions. The green belt area was meant to be an investment for future generations. But it was also seized by China cutting.
Town planning and master plans are mandatory for every major city and the implementation of future schemes should be prohibited without full development of the scheme already launched. Similarly, private housing schemes should be required to allocate areas for welfare purposes.
Most people think that they are looking for a short way to reach their destination. Acquisition is not only related to external causes, but also to many other causes which are not visible.
Unfortunately the people of Karachi who were already forced by the situation and now see their entire accumulated capital in the dust.
Because the accumulated capital of their life is no longer visible in the eyes of legitimate constructions. They have been living since the time of their forefathers. They are no longer theirs. The employment of the people was lost and on the other hand the roof built by their years of hard work, the nest of dreams was shattered. How long will the people of Karachi have access to basic services? Now when the message comes to the people that you are going to look like China cutting, so you have to make your own arrangements. Not only that, but the shop from which you are providing for your whole family is illegal. Sir, we don’t care that you have been doing business here for two generations, we don’t care that all your papers are legal and all the institutions that’s right. We don’t care if this place is demolished and this is our final decision. We don’t care if your dreams are connected with this house or your lives, we don’t care. Unfortunately, the people of Karachi, in a few cases, have resorted to the method which has accumulated their entire life savings in the dust. The first of these is the construction of illegal buildings.
It is a pity that where she is stuck in all matters, there is no more left to snatch her belongings from their heads.
Sometimes in the case of china cutting, sometimes in the case of illegal construction of drains, sometimes in the case of illegal encroachments on markets, sometimes in the case of Nusla Tower. Drinking is becoming haraam. Drinking water is not even available. It is a distant thing. I had my own roof to live in. Now I don’t have a roof. So sometimes it comes to notice that the shop before which you are feeding your family members now has no right to feed your wife and children by earning from this shop. So sir it is better that we bring our own machinery. Drop your shop. You can make your own arrangements, sometimes this notice, sometimes that notice. So before you demolished our house, you demolished your own house.
Where to go the people of Karachi are the youth of Karachi who are seeing that their fathers bought a nest by working hard all their lives. They were with legal protocol while fulfilling the legal requirements. How will he prefer to build a nest or a home for his future life and for his descendants who are going through this journey of sighing and groaning? He has spent his whole life’s work in the dust and if I don’t get even a handful of dust from him. And how will he dare? It is becoming a great tragedy in front of which his young sisters are being stripped of their headscarves. All the hard work of his mother is being found in the dust. But I am spending the night … This is a big question for the youth of Karachi? This is the reason why the youth of today are not interested in building a house. Social media is ruining their lives. On the other hand, the affairs of Karachi are also providing such an environment to the youth that building a house is probably becoming a part of history now.
In all these cases, the Sindh government, builders, SBCA, or the owners who are involved, may God punish them. Guilt that they are told to make their own arrangements now. What was your own arrangement? Children and future generations will get rest for the rest of their lives. What can you do? The people need an answer to this question
Maybe the people themselves are answering the question that in life now maybe two yards of grave can be arranged. We are better.

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