Kashmir bleeds –World conscious sleeps

27 October 1947 was the darkest day in the history of occupied Kashmir when freedom fighters were close to victory, India entered their forces in occupied Kashmir to fight the freedom fighters as a result it ended into proper battle, sensing defeat the then Prime Minister begged United Nations for ceasefire with firm commitment that plebiscite will be held in occupied Kashmir under UN and Kashmiris will be given right of self determination to join Pakistan or India. This resolution is pending since 1948.
India entered into an agreement with Shaikh Abdullah Kashmiri leader and under article 370 and 35-A Kashmir was given special status and guaranteed under the Indian constitution.
Due to atrocities of Indian forces on Kashmiris both countries went to war in 1965 and 1971, unfortunately both wars remained inconclusive. On 2 July 1972 Simla accord was signed in which it was decided that issue of Kashmir will be resolved through bilateral talks. But India did not respond properly and tensions remained high as a result again in 1999 both countries had third round of war that again gave no results. In fact the world community continues to ignore this important issue and has miserably failed to support the Kashmiris
However people of Kashmir in 1998 started indigenous struggle to free Kashmir from Indian occupation but failed to win due to deployment of over 7 lac Indian troops who are fully armed against unarmed Kashmiris. There have been grave violation of human rights but the world conscious is in deep slumber. Prime Minister Modi and CM Gujrat massacred Muslims and gave Hindus free hand to kill Muslims. As a result he was refused visa to US and Britain, but to bad luck he won elections and became Prime Minister of India on the basis of making India a Hindu state. He failed to complete his agenda but continued spreading hatred against Muslims.
In May 2019 he contested elections for the second term on the basis of Hinduata and won with majority. His one of the major agenda point has been that once he is voted to power he will revoke the Article 370 and 35-A and make Kashmir as integral part of India, and that’s what he did on 5 August 2019. Since then Kashmiris are protesting in strongest terms and have not accepted this illegal action on the part of Indian Government. Pakistan has urged the world community to help Kashmiris in giving them right of self determination as per UN resolution. The entire valley is under curfew since 5 August and curfew has been imposed denying basic facilities to the people of valley. UN has called special meeting being held on Friday, it is hoped that UN shall help Kashmiris in restoring article 370 and 35-A. Black day has been observed throughout the country condemning Modi’s illegal action and assuring Kashmiris to go to any extent. It is hoped good sense will prevail and Modi shall afoot right way to settle the issue failing which both countries loaded with nuclear arms may not go to another war.

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