Nighat Irum

KARACHI: President Mubasher Mir and General Secretary Manzar Naqvi Karachi Editors Club have said that struggle of journalists for freedom of the Press in Pakistan is eternal. They said unemployment and non-payment of salaries have made the lives of journalists miserable. This was stated by them in a message on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day observed throughout the world Sunday.
On this day which coincides with the third anniversary of the Karachi Editors Club, Mubasher Mir and Manzar Naqvi said that the journey of freedom of the Press will continue.
They said journalists all over the world, especially in Pakistan, have observed this day.
They said that the journalists who were martyred in the line of duty would always be remembered. They said while the coronavirus has radically changed the situation in various walks of life, the situation has become more serious for the media industry which was already in crisis. The journalist community is currently going through the worst crisis in history. The non-payment of salaries and forced dismissals has made their lives a constant torment.
Mubasher Mir and Manzar Naqvi said that the government was announcing economic packages for various sectors including construction but completely ignored the media industry. They said journalism is the fourth pillar of the state and adopting such an attitude towards is tantamount to weakening it. The said in the current situation, journalists are the frontline soldiers.
They demanded of the government to immediately announce a media package while the federal and provincial governments should take special measures for the unemployed journalists.