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Key to stability – immediate free, fair & transparent elections

Pakistan is passing through most difficult times of its history and no effort is underway to retrieve the situation. Apart from internal disorder and instability we seem to be forgetting changing global politics of world and formation of new alliances. Pakistan continues to face multiple internal and external issues. Extremism is back with full bang resulting in innocent deaths of our brave soldiers and civilians. Increased intolerance amongst various segment of society is also getting out of control. Uncontrolled confrontation between government and real opposition is harming our national identity, and thus posing permanent threat to stability and economy
Our state institutions have failed to provide peaceful ways to resolve grievances that has further widened the distance between government and real opposition. The country went through peaceful transfer of power after the 2013 and 2018 elections. PTI government was dislodged through political engineering in April 2022 since then situation has worsened as the government remained busy in instituting cases against PTI Chairman and amending the laws suiting to their conveniences to ensure cases of corruption instituted against them are settled in their favor. Strangely enough in spite of documented corruption it has all been regularized with a stroke of pen without realizing that these cases can be reopened at an appropriate time. However, as the country prepares for anticipated elections in 2023, it continues to face a fragile economy along with deepening domestic polarization. The way in 4 days 54 bills were passed has lost utility of the parliament. It is interesting to note that in the house of 342 only handful people without quorum bills are passed and the speaker was silent. In any case these bills shall be scrutinized by President and be sent back to the new parliament after the general elections if held. Interestingly even the coalition partners have objected in passing these bills hurriedly for which there is no justification.
Despite all the negative propaganda and misinformation spread through various means, the fact remains that Pakistani Nation in general, still loves its Armed Forces unconditionally. There is no prejudice about the budget allocation too because defence of country takes precedence over everything else. This love highlights the priority of the Nation that the defence of frontiers of the country takes precedence on all other requirements. However, in order to make sure that they remain focused on their constitutional professional role, they need to be relieved of the alleged unconstitutional burden of Political engineering and commercial venturing
Regionally, Pakistan faces a resurgence of extremist groups along its border with Afghanistan, which has raised tensions with Taliban-led Afghanistan. Despite a declared ceasefire on the Line of Control in Kashmir in 2021, relations with India remain stagnant and vulnerable to crises that pose a threat to regional and international security. Latest threat of Indian defence minister that India is ready to cross the Line of Control in Kashmir was in bad taste, Pakistan has warned India to avoid giving such statements, Pakistan is capable of defending itself against any aggression. The presence and influence of China, as a great power and close ally of Pakistan, is something not liked by the west, but China and Pakistan stand united and is on one page.
This is in brief the current situation and in matter of few days’ national assembly shall stand dissolved. Provincial interim governments have passed their constitutional 90 days’ limit and new caretaker governments will be formed. Formation of caretaker government to hold elections without involving; largest political party PTI shall not help and is also not in the interest of country. Efforts are going on to keep PTI out but as said earlier without their participations election would prove to be a hoax. Since government has already said that decision of Supreme Court shall not be implemented makes courts dysfunctional. Looks caretaker government shall continue and there is every likelihood that elections may be delayed that would certainly have far reaching consequences. The world is watching us closely and they have also expressed hope that elections shall l be held as per the constitution (which at present is not being followed). A section of the media has expressed its apprehensions about the role of establishment that is nothing but propaganda.
Institutional role of armed forces in aid of civilian administration is not only constitutional but also traditional since inception of Pakistan. History is a witness that whenever there arose a need in crisis of natural or manmade disasters and calamities, armed forces have invariably stepped forward to reach out and amicably resolve the situation. Given their training, discipline, management skills of Human and material resource they always outclass their counterpart civilian set up. Even integrity and work ethics wise they stand head and shoulders above the civil administration. Though the raw human resource on either side of the civil Military divide is the same then why there is such a difference in output and conduct? The keywords are training, discipline, resources, environment and exposure. The difference is visibly remarkable because of short term exposure of armed forces outfits in civilian environment. In a country that has a living constitution a dictatorship is always product of expediency caused by inadequacies of governance and integrity and this gap has to be filled and cannot be left open, therefore to fill the gap establishment performs its constitutional duty. The intentions and efforts should be put the country on track to become a progressive civilized nation in developed world. The key to stability lies in holding immediate free fair and transparent elections allowing level free ground to all the political parties any other course adopted shall plunge the country in to further chaos, disorder and counterproductive causing colossal damage to the image of country and fragile economy.

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