LadiesFund begins how to build a Buraq series

KARACHI: People often say Pakistani women’s associations are more kitty parties, about socializing, than any hardcore business development or learning. We at The News have to say that we applaud LadiesFund for its consistent, high quality virtual educational series since the start of COVID-19, and in particular, it’s new, hugely popular How To Build a Buraq trainings, says a Press release.
The Buraq Centre by LadiesFund in collaboration with Dawood Global Foundation (DGF), the German Consulate in Karachi and LUMS National Incubation Center (LUMS NIC), and is Pakistan’s first all-female incubation and co-working space, offers a world of possibilities to women entrepreneurs and innovators.
The Buraq Centre is about the energy that transforms the gender equation and opens up opportunities to empathize, ideate and create at the speed of thought. The slogan of the center is “Watch her fly” and Buraq is the Islamic word for Pegasus, our version of a Unicorn. Due to COVID-19, The Buraq center has been operating virtually. The best part is it is a platform bringing together Pakistani women, wherever they may be, around the world.
Muneeb Maayr was the first speaker of this series. Maayr is the co-Founder and former CEO of and current founder, Bykea, the largest network of motorbikes serving on-demand transport, logistics and payment services in Pakistan. He taught the attendees addressable market, Product, unit economics, competitive landscape, customer acquisition etc.
Maayr said: “It doesn’t matter if you are loved. It’s important to be respected.” He spoke about the tough and committed decisions that needed to be made and about understanding one’s personal strengths and weaknesses.
Tara Uzra Dawood, President, Dawood Global Foundation LadiesFund, said: “We’re delighted to be able to bring such invaluable training to our members. Muneeb knows how to go from concept to execution, how to build solid foundations, and how to scale. He’s the real deal. Our members were truly floored.”
The 90-minute exclusive session included an intense 60-minute Power Point followed by 30- minute of invigorating Q&A, with Maayr patiently answering detailed questions regarding his secret sauce, first steps, how to begin, and on his own personal goals and plans.
Margaret Fialho, said: “The quarantine has been a bit challenging, but of course I think this is the best time to rise above our challenges and prove how powerful and strong we are, not just as women, but as human beings. I’m a participant of many global forums, but whenever I (attend) LadiesFund, it is the best contribution. The empowerment I see that comes from LadiesFund is incredible. The change that LadiesFund is bringing not just to the society, but even the country, is amazing. Pakistani women are evolving.”
How to Build a Buraq virtual series continues Wednesday, August 12, 2020, with Sameer Chishty, Partner, SparkLabs, speaking on how to get funding for your start-up. His company has funded more than 280 businesses.

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