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Land of political lotas

My grandson who lives in Australia asked me Dada “What is this word Lota”. I told him he should forget it because it has a long history and shall take time to explain but he insisted, therefore had no option so succumbed to his pressure. However, a satisfactory answer was required. Since it is very common in the sub-continent especially in Pakistan therefore an effort has been made to explain this famous word. Let us first define what we really mean by Lota. A Lota is a small round metal or earthen pot with a spout turncoat, a political worker who changes his/her loyalty is called Lota. It has multiple uses but here we shall restrict this to our politicians. We in Pakistan have political lotas who changes his loyalty or switches over to other party for personal benefits betraying the voters who elected him. These very lotas due to frequent changing loyalties and joining other parties turned democracy in to popular term lotacracy, which is flourishing day by day. They have played very important role in the past and are always ready to go to any limit if their interests are looked after. They are always in minority but play vital role in helping to make and break any government. Numerous examples can be quoted from history. The beauty of the lotas is when they join any government party it is always in the best interest of state but if same Lota crosses over and joins opposition he is called Ghadaar. They have great nuisance value therefore they prefer to stand independent on the strength of their voters. By becoming Lota, they disappoint their voters and the people of Pakistan at large but make lot of money
Since creation of Pakistan they also emerged as a force to reckon with. Actually the youngsters and students as well general public or people who worked hard to make the dream of Iqbal and Quid to make Pakistan a welfare state but it was over taken by the Rich and Nawabs and Big Landlords by introducing ‘Lota cracy’ beneficiaries were the Tiwanas, Daultanas, Hayats, Dreshaks, Khuros, Khattaks etc., and thus for political sustainability ‘lotacracy’ became a norm. While the ‘lotas’ ruled since then, till Sharif’s Bhutto’s and Zardaries and Imran Khan for a short period still rule and the founding fathers of Pakistan were hounded and cornered.
However, to end this a new dream of Naya Pakistan and making Pakistan riasat – e- Madina was launched but it also fell victim of lotacracy. Credit of inventing the Lota’s (turn coats) alleged goes to nonpolitical actors, who are considered king makers by using these Lota’s (turn coats) to make and break governments. The interesting feature of ‘lotas’ is that it is purchasable item subject to terms offered and it can be procured any time. Lotacracy has now assumed the status of heavy industry and to be part of it has always been a great honor for buyer and seller. Let us pray Allah to guide all misguided persons who fall in the category of lotas who ultimately disturb peaceful atmosphere in to chaos and confusion that result in instability of the state. It is political environment in which politicians have a tendency to switch loyalties frequently for personal gain If someone is not loyal to his own party how can he be loyal to other party. Lota’s are normally electable it is so strange that voters knowing well that their chosen representative has turned into Lota for his personal gain even then they vote him again that’s how these lotas has gained importance because their switching over results in change of government. They are the most dangerous and weapons of mass destruction as they have the power of black mailing. If all political parties decide not to entertain any Lota they shall die natural death and would be a great step in keeping politics clean but who cares. The common aspect about lotas is that nobody possesses them. They loiter around everywhere and are available for use by anybody and everybody. It is in this context that the word lota is used for those politicians who have no permanent sense of belonging no ideology, no permanent political party therefore they can be used by anybody or everybody paying appropriate price. Elections are approaching fast and lotas have become very active and are being welcomed by all the parties to join them, now is the time voters should reject them and do their social boycott.

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