Late marriage problems in Pakistan

Early marriages in Pakistan are step by step are being replaced by marriages in relatively later stages of life. This trend of marrying late in life can have both favorable and unfavorable social results. On the favorable side, late marriages can serve as obstruction for spouses to conceive children and form families because of the medical issues, females usually feel out of touch for being single at a certain age and face melancholy, and males often face threats to their personal righteousness and character similar to females for marrying late. We emphasize more on the superfluous details of the relationship, like that of caste, creed, position, income profile, job effectiveness, physical beauty etc. the values which are always short-lived but become permanent hurdle in the path of fastening the ties. It has drastic repercussion for individual, for family and for society at large. Late marriage is growing social worries we need to attend towards. Family and marriage are the two institutions of all societies with worldwide and acceptance. Once late marriages become the essence of the community, this needs stay largely incomplete as by the time human beings are past their principal. They need it in the height of their youth. These consequences in the high standards of vice and illicit love affairs where youth cannot be only blamed leaving other stakeholders of the society untouched. Late Marriages have far reaching impact that are not observed at this moment of society but can demonstrate themselves in hard hopeful impact in the future. Fertility rates would lower day by day and the time is not far when one would have only old aged population and very few youths around the country. Muslims have lost the spiritual inheritance and all values of “tawakal” and “Iman”. Just marriages result in divorce, because we are fast wasting values of and sacrifice. There were past days when family members would surrender for each other for the improvement of their family and for the community at large. It is at present to unite hands to make the society better and in good health. In Islam, marriage holds great significance and has been given a holy stature. Every Muslim man and woman is ordered to make the most of their marriage and fosters their partners for as long as they live. It is greatly significant for Muslims to get the nikkah done when it is known that the man and woman are going to be spending their life together. Allah has given that much freedom and time for the man to do something of his own accord. Marriage has great significance in Islam, it stresses not to delay in marriage. It safeguards physical and spiritual purity and peace of a person and keeps the twosome away from the decline and arrest of the devil. Marriage increases nourishment, love, respect, caring, selflessness and forgiving factors between husband and wife. Islam promotes love, care, and respect in the Muslim society where wife and husband live prosperously with their children and families. Marriage in Islam teaches both men and women to stay ready to surrender and endure for his/her life partner.
Pakistan is facing a problem of late marriage in urban areas. An aged, educated boy cannot live alone without a partner and he desires to have a stable partner after leaving the world. It is now very much strange to see that our unmarried grandparents’ of a higher age are searching suitable partners for their marriage. Girls face more issues when getting married at a later age. Boys also face the more challenges of late marriages. The existences of unmarried sisters at home desire that brothers must wait for the sisters to get married before they bring their partner at home. No suitable proposal comes sometime come from the other well to do families as a result of this the educated daughters are not married and spend most of their life insulted at home or work in offices not benefit to their likes. Currently people spend large amounts of money on marriages. Some go to the extent of even spending their life savings, while others go as far as taking loans from companies where they work. Thus, in their remaining of their life is the amount spent on paying back. This amount is not a fruitful investment and all the money spent on lavish weddings is wasted. A happy married life is the target and dream of all educated people. Life in this world is for a short period of time. It is the parents and teacher’s obligation to teach their pupils to lead a plain and simple life in this world. In this regard the government should play a foremost role and provide employment to educated ones after graduation. Our Prophet (PBH) said that Marriage is a Sunnah, which is recommended. If one does not want to get married because he has no sexual desire, or he think that he is poor and not able to fulfill the duties of marriage, and afraid of falling short in meeting his wife’s needs. In that case there may be no sin he does not get married.

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