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Launch event for edutainment drama ‘Zard Patton Ka Bunn’

LAHORE: The launch event of “Zard Patton Ka Bunn,” and a panel discussion on “A fine Balance Entertainment for Social Change,” hosted by the Kashf Foundation, saw the presence of the drama’s lead cast and crew. Attended by members of the media fraternity and dignitaries, including Luke Myers, Counsellor and Head of Cooperation at Global Affairs Canada, Alicia Sosa, First Secretary (Development) Global Affairs Canada, Moneeza Hashmi, Adeel Hashmi,SeemiRaheel, Rehan Sheikh, Samiya Mumtaz, Navid Shahzad, Amina Mufti, Kashif Nisar and many others, adding prestige to the occasion, says a Press release.
Roshaneh Zafar, Managing Director of Kashf Foundation, and Moneeza Hashmi shared the role of co-hosts and kept the audience engaged throughout the event.
Addressing the gathering, Roshaneh Zafar, the founder and Managing Director of Kashf Foundation, shed light on the organization’s pioneering role in developing and producing drama serials under the banner of “edu-tainment”, thus emphasizing the significance of merging social messaging with entertaining content.
Roshaneh Zafar, said: “The need to produce socially driven drama serials arose as mindset change continues to be one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to women’s empowerment. I thought Rehai would be my first and last project but the universe had other plans for me”.
She also discussed the significant efforts of the Kashf Foundation to empower women and communities in Pakistan. The Foundation has provided over PKR 272 billion in loans to 7 million female micro-entrepreneurs and has provided over 15 million individuals with health ensure while treating over 82,000 patients, 79% of whom are women, in free health camps. Through Kashf’seducation finance programme over 650,000 children are being provided education.
Luke Myers, Counsellor and Head of Cooperation, Global Affairs Canada, while addressing the attendees said, “Investing in family planning and reproductive health is not just a moral imperative but a cornerstone for sustainable development. Through such investments, we can reduce maternal and infant mortality rates. Empower women to foster economic growth.”
Through their innovative drama productions, Kashf challenges societal norms, offering solutions to address entrenched gender biases and disparities. By crafting authentic narratives grounded in real-life experiences and featuring strong female protagonists, Kashf sparks dialogue, shifts attitudes, and inspires audiences to reimagine a more inclusive and equitable future.
AdeelOmer Hashmi, artist, educator, and grandson of celebrated Pakistani poet and activist Faiz Ahmed Faiz recited Faiz Sahab’s poetry on the occasion. Adeel shared that the title of the drama “Zard Patton Ka Bunn” was an inspiration from Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem Intisab – a tribute to the poet who lives on in the hearts of millions across the globe.
“Zard Patton Ka Bunn” breaks away from the conventional narrative tropes of romance and marriage, opting instead for a refreshing departure that sidesteps toxic relationships and tired clichés. Despite this deviation, the show remains thoroughly engaging and entertaining, proving that impactful storytelling doesn’t rely on sensationalism. From its very inception, the series delves into significant and sensitive societal issues such as maternal health,child labour, family planning, gender-based violence, and drug abuse.
Hamza Sohail portrays Dr. Nofil, a compassionate and heroic physician, while Sajal Aly breathes life into the character of Meenu, a spirited and determined student navigating life’s challenges with humour and resilience.
During the event, a thought-provoking panel discussion titled “A Fine Entertainment for Social Change” took center stage, focusing on the crucial role of television in addressing core social issues and promoting meaningful change. Among the esteemed panelists were director Saife Hasan, writer Mustafa Afridi, and members of the cast including Samiya Mumtaz, Hamza Sohail, Sajal Aly, and CEO PPIF Saman Rai, who engaged in insightful dialogue, emphasizing the responsibility of the entertainment industry in shedding light on pressing societal concern.

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