Leila Khaled and the Liberation of Palestine

The world’s first female hijacker who underwent six plastic surgeries to hijack a plane.
It is strange that a woman is involved in a ‘crime’ like hijacking at first, but hijacking a young girl’s plane, then changing her shape with plastic surgery, and again hijacking, it is certainly so amazing. There is a story that sounds like a movie. But the only example in the world is Palestinian woman Leila Khaled.
She hijacked the plane more than once or twice. Leila Khaled joined the Palestinian Liberation Movement as a child and became a dynamic activist. Leila Khaled and her accomplices hijacked four ships between 1968 and 1971. After joining the Palestine Liberation Front, Leila Khaled hijacked her first plane, the Boeing 707, on August 29, 1969. The plane was en route from Italy to Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. It was reported that Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Robin was also among the passengers of the flight. As soon as the plane entered the airspace of Asia, a masked woman took the control of the plane in her hand. She ordered the pilot to fly over the Palestinian city of Haifa before turning the plane toward Damascus. The woman and her companions were armed with bombs. The pilot obeyed.
The plane landed in Damascus. The passengers were taken hostage and the liberation of Palestine was demanded. The world’s attention was drawn to the Zionist atrocities against the Palestinians. After the talks, all the hostages were released on the condition of release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and safe return of hijackers. Television channels and newspapers around the world broadcast and published Leila Khaled’s interviews. She became the star of the Islamic World. Her paintings became more popular than any Muslim woman before.
The popularity was such that girls in Europe adopted her style from hair to scarf and Leila wore a ring on her hand. I used to have a ring with no stones or bullets in it. After the first hijacking, she underwent plastic surgery six times from top to bottom and completely changed her shape.
The following year, on September 6, 1970, he and a colleague tried to hijack a flight from Amsterdam to New York, but to no avail. The plane landed at a British airport. Laila’s colleague was shot dead and she was arrested.
Less than a month later, another plane was hijacked by Palestinian militants. The passengers were taken hostage. Demanded at the negotiating table was release of Leila Khaled Thus, Leila Khaled was released from prison.
She has written her story in her autobiography “My people shall live”. This is a heartbreaking story. The book was published in 1973, while a film on the life of Leila Khaled was made in 2005. The name of the film is “Leila Khaled Hijacker” and it was well received at the Amsterdam Film Festival.
Women in Europe used to do the fashion of the brave woman of the Muslim Ummah with passion and taste, but today the young boys and girls of the Muslim Ummah have forgotten the history of the greatest heroes of their history and have turned to another side. For the sake of our new generation of women dancing, in the so-called freedom movements, they sacrifice their honours for the pleasures of others.