Let’s be thankful to our leaders

Thank you very much to all the beloved leaders. Today I must thank all of you and present to you all my heartfelt gratitude that I have been feeling since the day I gained my senses. Actually, I want to sincerely admit something that we all have always failed to. I want to say it loud and clear that all those traitors who wrote against our beloved leaders were indeed morons. I will prove that those who labelled our earlier politicians as incompetent clowns were sick to their guts and had no moral courage to consent to the truth, rather I must say they indeed suffered the incapability to see through things and were unable to imagine how great the foresightedness of our ancestors was. Either civilian politicians or military dictatorships all were great philanthropists who took a great care to ensure a future that we have today.
Let me explain if you are perplexed and if you can’t really decipher what I mean. I will elaborate this but promise me you won’t try to see the truth through your biased lenses. Please, have a cool mind and try to reflect some habits worth a learned man. Well, I do have an idea of what you might think of all the legacy of illiteracy left behind by our rulers. You must also be angry over the pathetic condition of healthcare system that they had left behind which seems for the moment impossible to change. I also understand how you feel about the degrading economic conditions of our country, which reflects a bleak picture of the potential inflation and resultantly near to nothing purchasing capacity of people. I do care about your feelings of this ever-increasing class system that had its roots deep in our society, yet, I must present to you the truth which is truly opposite of all your misunderstandings regarding our heroes; our beloved political and military rulers.
Now here, listen to me with a soft empathetic heart and a rational mind and look, the whole World is facing the huge life-threatening impacts of this killer virus named coronavirus and hence the disease COVID-19. I demand from you to have a moment and analyze for yourself. Look at the world’s largest economies with the greatest technology ever. See how they have failed to protect the lives of their citizens. Don’t you realize that all those great nations like China, Italy, Spain, UK, USA, France, South Korea and others including Saudi Arabia, & UAE etc. have doomed with all their biggest literacy ratios, greatest technological and medical advancement without doing anything worth mentioning for saving the lives of their people. One might wonder that they did everything to avoid this disaster and used every available help to reduce the impact of this monster. They sanitized their roads, shops, malls, houses, theatres, hospitals, the air that they breathed and provided all the necessary things which the masses would inevitably need during a shutdown yet got no encouraging results.
Now at this point you might wonder why! You might think why all those great nations failed to save themselves from a weak and such a smaller organism which can’t be even seen through the naked eye. Let me take you back to where we started earlier. This is due to the lack of vision that their leaders had and which for sure our great leaders possessed. I hope now you must be thanking me for indicating something which you all failed to notice out of your biases, obsession and inbuilt frustration against our beloved leaders.
Do I still need to explain? Oh! My good God such a fool you are. Can’t you understand why the virus couldn’t do any meaningful harm to us Pakistanis? This is because we had visionary leaders who could see through the walls and knew what laid ahead. Look at the infection and fatality ratio of the world and compare them with ours. See how thousands of people died in advanced countries and how could we manage to hold it under less than a one fifth of a 100 digit.
The good news is that since last more than 73 years our respective governments were continuously working to enhance our immune system. They knew that one day this great nation was going to face an epidemic like COVID-19, so they prepared in advance. They heard and tolerated all the abuses of their masses. They were cursed, villainified and remembered with hatred and utter disgust, yet they stood strong and worked relentlessly to strengthen the immune system of the beloved people they proudly governed, so that one day they would be proud of them.
Our intellectual leaders always unwillingly looted and plundered the country with a heavy heart, so that the masses remained poor and, therefore, were forced to live in dirty dungeons which smelled like rotten and dead mice. They tremendously planned for us to buy and sell in stalls established over opened gutter lines. Above these dirty stalls, flies always sung beautiful songs. Our super heroes and beloved rulers also made sure that a sophisticated system of corruption be in place which would make sure that the commodities we buy must be adulterated and nothing pure is available in the markets.
All things and accessories including milk, eatables and lifesaving drugs be adulterated so as to ensure that our immune system was slowly and gradually used to all sorts of bacteria, viruses and any disease that could attack our body.
Look at the level of readiness of our visionary leaders that they made sure that even if the advanced countries were facing a tremendous problem of enormous fatality rates of their people and were worried about how to deal with the menace of Covid-19, we were ready and prepared in advance, so didn’t even bother to conduct tests with the required pace to learn about any potential cases.
Thank God, we were not born in any stupid country whose ancestors could care much about a future attack on their nation. Thank God our leaders bothered to take care of the fact that not any vaccine of a medicine would be able to cure this disease but the immune system that we have trained since decades. Hope you wouldn’t take this as a joke and learn to be thankful to our leaders.

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