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Literary exploration rallies mindfulness as SIBF weaves yoga into knowledge fabric

Special Correspondent

SHARJAH (UAE): Educational activities for both children and adults are integral to Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF)’s offerings every year, and this year the 12-day event is laying special emphasis on nurturing well rounded young leaders of tomorrow with a series of mindfulness activities. The SIBF 2023 Psychological Health workshops conducts a session on ‘Balance Yoga for Kids’ to equip young participants with the fundamental knowledge of meditative art.
Children were immersed in a world of wellness as they participated in an engaging yoga session, conducted by a seasoned yoga instructor, which set the participants on a journey to self-discovery.
With a strong emphasis on relaxation breathing techniques and bringing the body and soul in communion, the session’s key focus was on teaching young learners about mindfulness. Under expert guidance, children were introduced to a series of yoga poses tailored to their age group, fostering a sense of balance, flexibility, and focus.
“We believe that integrating mindfulness practices with literary experiences can significantly contribute to a child’s cognitive and emotional development,” remarked yoga instructor Naomi, commending Sharjah’s holistic approach to promoting healthy and balanced lifestyles in children.
Participants were also treated to an array of vibrant literary works, complementing the event’s theme and fostering an environment that encouraged intellectual curiosity and creativity.
Integrating yoga into the fabric of the SIBF reinforced the event’s commitment to promoting books while providing a diverse and holistic platform for fostering a healthy lifestyle among the youth. Running at Expo Centre Sharjah until November 12, SIBF is hosting more than 1,700 events and workshops that include numerous opportunities to acquire self-knowledge and new skills.